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Week of January 14th

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Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, January 14th:
  • 3rd/K PLC
  • BEST After school in Susan's 3rd grade room
  • Y Learning starts today! Eddie will send a list to classroom teachers so you know who will be tutoring. This only impacts 4th/5th grade.

Tuesday, January 15th:

  • Tier 1 Behavior and Consequences PD -- SECOND CHANCE! (No DLT/PBIS meeting today! Please join the fun at the Tier 1 Behavior/Consequences PD after dismissal in the media center!)
  • PTA Meeting 5:30 - 7:30 with 2nd grade music concert at 7:00 (Earn NCE Time)

Wednesday, January 16th:

  • 4th/1st PLC
  • Carla out at monthly principal meeting
  • Breakfast Brainiacs begins today!

Thursday, January 17th:

  • 5th/2nd PLC

Friday, January 18th:

  • End of 2nd nine weeks
  • Early Release - Classroom Teachers will have a short meeting in the media center at 12:15 (or as soon as dismissal is over). Lunch will be provided for everyone beginning at 12:00 (details to come). After the short meeting, your professional development for the afternoon will be working on the work. You all have different things to work on individually/as a PLC to ensure the 3rd quarter is successful! Enjoy the afternoon!

Monday, January 21st:

  • No School - Thank you Dr. King!

Tuesday, January 22nd:

  • Required Staff Development Workday - I have not received a full list of training for the day. Once I get this, I will share with everyone.
  • Tier 1 Behavior and Consequences PD and Lunch for Instructional Assistants at 11:30 in Media Center (LUNCH PROVIDED)
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  • Extended PLC's will begin this week!!! Teachers, our wonderful instructional assistants are ready to cover your class to allow for more collaboration! Please have plans that can be similar each week (self selected reading/read aloud/math practice, etc.) ready for them to pick up and complete with your group. Extended PLC times and coverage can always be found on NCE's staff page. Click on the master schedule, then on the PLC tab.

  • Lockdown Practice - Toward the end of January we will have our next Lockdown Practice. This drill be not be announced. Please review expectations for Lockdown Drills with your students.

  • End of Quarter 2/Grades Due - The end of the quarter is this Friday. Third - Fifth grade teachers, grades will be due to Evonne on January 24th. Report Cards go out with all students on January 29th.

  • Semester Conferences - Coming soon...Carla/Eddie will schedule a time with all certified staff members to look at data and hear about plans to ensure second semester growth. Conferences will be held the first two weeks of February. A calendar will be forthcoming!

  • Prior to Semester Conferences....please go ahead and begin working on your mid year PDP.

  1. Click on PDP Mid year review and fill in the box that says Evidence of Progress towards specific standards.
  2. We will discuss specifics regarding progress at your semester conference or any upcoming post conference if needed.
  3. Please save this work but do not finalize or mark complete until we review it at semester conference/post observation conference.

  • Next Round of Observations: Teachers on Comprehensive Evaluations- your next round of observations are due in the next few weeks so we will be in for an unannounced 45 minute observation soon.Teachers on Standard Evaluation (renewal year)- your next round of observations are due soon as well so we will be in for an unannounced 20 minutes snapshot soon.

  • Let's Celebrate our Individual Differences/Celebrate MORE and specifically to you! Help us know you better! We would like to work to differentiate how we celebrate with each of you as much as we can! We are also interested in helping build a choice board of ways to celebrate during the Spring semester. Please take a minute to provide us with this information.

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MOY assessments/PLC Meeting Changes

mClass MOY Updates can be found in this document. Please do not invalidate an assessment on your own. Please reach out to Brittany and/or Mandy if you have questions or concerns.

Urgency with MOY testing: Thank you to everyone for working so hard to get rolling with MOY assessments last week. Please continue with the same urgency this week! We want to get assessments completed so we can use the data to find tune our instruction/intervention and work to grow our students!

MAKE NOTE - Friday, January 18th - we will not have I/E since it is a half day. We will utilize support staff for helping with MOY assessments. On Thursday, we will be in touch with support staff to let them know who to go help on Friday.

PLC Meeting with Darlene to regroup for I/E - PLC adjustments have been made on the NCE Master Calendar as well.

1/23 - 1st grade PLC

1/28 - 3rd/5th grade PLC

1/30 - 4th grade PLC

1/31 - Kindergarten/2nd PLC

Adjustments have also been made for next week since we are out of school on Monday/Tuesday. There will be NO EXTENDED PLC next week except for 1st grade since they are examining data with Darlene. K PLC will be held in the conference room to allow 1st grade to get started early.

1/23 (Wednesday) - 3rd/4th/K/1st

1/24 (Thursday) - 2nd

1/25 (Friday) - 5th

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Tier 1 Behavior and Consequences - Offered again!

If you didn't attend the session last week, please plan to join us this Tuesday after dismissal. We will be offering the PD for Instructional Assistants next Tuesday during the workday!

See teacher feedback below:

What did you feel was particularly helpful in today's PD?

  • The various examples of consequences that were shared and the ideas for whole group rewards.
  • I found it very helpful to look at the behavior process as a whole, not just consequences. We had meaningful discussions for each topic and kept moving on at an appropriate pace.
  • the different tools provided .
  • I enjoyed listening to others share ideas for whole group rewards as well as hearing how to spin negative behavior into positive.
  • the article, "Everyday Rules That Work"
  • Providing logical consequences for students and words to say when students are misbehaving.
  • Discussing how to set up a classroom Tier 1 Core plan and consequences.
  • Getting and sharing ideas of logical consequences and reflecting on my own teaching practice. It's okay not to be the best all the time and we all can grow in tightening our tier 1 behavior.
  • We were able to come together collectively as a group to talk about behaviors and consequences which can be positive and negative. The articles were also beneficial to read.
  • Practical solutions, a flowchart with the consequences first so it will be consistent throughout the school

How could this PD be improved?

  • Nothing, I liked that is was short, to the point and we left with handouts and ideas.
  • I think it should have been done with the entire staff! It was a great PD and very useful for understanding the MTSS process as it relates to behavior. Possibly add how to develop a Tier 1 CORE plan with partner teachers. For example, if you work in a DL pair, making sure your plan is consistent between classrooms OR if you have push-in support, developing your plan with your partner teacher.
  • having at least 1 meeting monthly.
  • Offered throughout the year? We all need advice that someone may have thought of that we did not ourselves. (Very impressed with the turn out and the ideas)
  • It was pretty good, maybe longer so we could have gone more in depth
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Curriculum Corner:

Helpers Hotline:

Your Digital Learning Team is excited to share our Helpers Hotline list! Thank you to the 25 teachers who completed the Digital PD Survey which helped us complete this list! Our Helpers Hotline is a list of teachers who feel confident with Freckle, Google Classroom, VR Kits, Seesaw, Achieve3000, or Smart board/Smart Notebook, and are willing to assist teachers who need help! If you are struggling with one of these tech resources, check out the list and ask a colleague for help! The list is broken into who can assist in K-2, 3-5, or other. This list can always be found on NCEs staff page. If there is another technology tool you feel proficient in and would like it added to the list, email Mandy. THANK YOU to the teacher leaders who volunteered for the helpline!

Delia's Office Hours at NCE:

On January 15th Delia DeCourcy, Chatham County's Executive Director for Digital Teaching and Learning, will hold office hours at NCE. She is excited to spend the day with the Jaguars to help you in ANY way with technology. She wants everyone to know that she can push into a class to help or can answer questions and give support during planning time. Those teachers who are presenting a technology PD at our staff meetings in Jan. and Feb. may want to get Delia's input and assistance with your presentation! Here is a sign up sheet if you'd like to set aside a certain time to meet with her! Let's show her how much Jaguars are using our tech and make good use of her time by stopping by to see her or inviting her to help in your room! :)

Car Duty for the Week:

AM Car Duty - (Parrish, Avilia, K.Horton, Alvarez (except Thurs/Fri), B. Horton (except Friday), Webster- this has been adjusted slightly to allow for Breakfast Brainiacs.

PM Duty - Membreno, Torres, Exley, Rockett, Lowing, Davis, B. Horton, Shugart

Please make sure that you ask a friend directly to cover for you if you have duty and are unable to be present. This duty is too important for us to leave it in the hands of subs or hope someone shows up. If you are unable to switch with someone on a different week, please contact Carla.

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Check out what happened after Ms. Sistrunk sent a positive note through the mail to a student...the student sent her a card back : ) Consider sending a positive note home with a child this week!