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There's no number for how many humans are being trafficked

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Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others; or for the extraction of organs or tissues, including surrogacy and ova removal; or for providing a spouse in the context of forced marriage.

December 30, 2014 at 3 in WestHaven Conference Center


  • The average age of American minors into the sex trade is 12-14 years old.
  • Many victims are runaway girls who have already suffered sexual abuse as children.
  • California harbors 3 of FBI’s 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that, worldwide, there are between 12 million and 27 million trafficking victims.

There are two primary factors driving the spread of human trafficking: high profits and low risk. Like drug and arms trafficking, human trafficking is a criminal industry that is based on the principles of supply and demand. Every year, traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits by victimizing millions of people around the world, including here in the United States