Fourth Grade Fourteeners

March Edition

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Read Across America

For 20 years, the National Education Association has promoted reading across the nation in a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration! NEA’s first Read Across America celebration on March 2, 1998, was the largest celebration of reading this country has ever seen. A small reading task force at NEA came up with the big idea. “Let’s create a day to celebrate reading,” the group decided. “We hold pep rallies to get kids excited about football. We assemble to remember that Character Counts. Why don’t we do something to get kids excited about reading? We’ll call it ‘NEA’s Read Across America’ and we’ll celebrate it on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.” Why celebrate Dr. Seuss? People of all ages love his books. His skill with rhyme and whimsical use of nonsense makes his books an effective tool for teaching young children the basic skills they need to be successful readers. When we celebrate Dr. Seuss and reading, we send a clear message to America’s children that reading is fun and important. But this national celebration is not just about one day of reading fun. NEA’s Read Across America is about discovering the joys of reading and cultivating good reading habits that will last kids a lifetime. We’re building a nation of readers “never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read with a child.”
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Reading News

To Celebrate Read Across America Day we did flashlight reading in Mrs. Atha's class on Wednesday, March 7. It was a lot of fun! See the pics!

By now everyone should have seen their child's report cards. If for any reason you feel that you want to meet with me and discuss your child, by all means, please give me a call. I would love to set up a time to conference with you.

Many students are really on track for their summiting of genre. I am so proud of their efforts and their love of reading!!

Here's to a great spring break at the end of the month for everyone ! Be safe!!

Social Studies

We are working on our mining unit in class and learning about the early miners who helped to shape our state. We will go on a field-trip to the Leadville Mining Museum. Look for notes home. Next, we will be starting our economics unit. I encourage you to have a conversation about topics such as opportunity cost, risk, trade-off, and the value of saving with your child! We are starting to plan our big Rendezvous in May! This year we will be teaming up with Salida and Leadville schools at Trail West to re-enact this event. I am sure its going to be great!

Mrs. Keidel's/Mrs. Grigg's Language Arts

Hello! I have been enjoying being back at APE in the 4th Grade and getting to know your children! We wrapped up several projects that Mrs. Griggs started. The students completed their original children books and read them to delighted Kindergarten and First grade students. Their educational boards are also finished. This was a great way to review grammar and figurative language, while also learning how to write a "How To, or Step by Step" form of expository writing. Please make sure your child sends in a completed recipe on the paper that was provided by Mrs. Griggs for the recipe books. This month we will begin poetry packets to continue work on figurative language and parts of speech. After Spring Break the students will do a mini Passion and Purpose project, state testing, and begin their"Passport to the World" projects. Students will select either a country or state to research. They will type their research into categories and display these on a tri-fold display board, along with hand-drawn maps, pictures, and artifacts that they collect or create. In May (TBA) there will be an International Night. Mrs. Kameron Riley will be collaborating with us and will bring in English Language Learner guests to set up their own displays. Our students will set up their display boards, as well. Kids can also bring in food samples to go with their project. It should be a fun evening! More information on this will be sent out in the near future! We have also enjoyed seeing Mrs. Griggs and her new baby, Kinsley Rose! They will visit one afternoon soon!

Enjoy your Spring Break March 26-30!

Kathy Keidel

Science and Math

In math we are beginning our formal studies in geometry. As the home learning papers come home and you see the exercises we are studying, please reinforce (outside of the classroom) where we see geometric figures in our daily lives- points, planes, line segments, parallel and perpendicular lines, where angles form, common polygons, etc. Fourth graders have a difficult time remembering geometric vocabulary unless they associate it with something real or fun. We stop at "octagon signs." Hwy 24 and main are "perpendicular roads." Railroad and Hwy 24 are "parallel roads." Yield signs are "equilateral triangles..." Have fun!

In science we are finishing up electrical energy and looking at other forms of energy (heat, light, chemical, magnetic, sound, etc.) and how the transfer of one energy form takes place to another. Also, as our observations and journaling of the seasons continues throughout the school year, Ask your 4th grader why the days are getting longer. Why is the angle of the sun getting higher in the sky? What's special about March? Is there an equinox approaching? What does that mean? Have fun!

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Character-Centered: Understanding yourself and having the courage to act with integrity in the service of others

Looks Like/Sounds Like/Feels Like

  • Kind

  • Helpful

  • Compassionate

  • Empathetic

  • Sympathetic

  • Unwavering

  • Respectful

  • “Good job”

  • “Let me help you”

  • Adding on to others’ ideas

  • Sacrificing for the good of others

  • Focused on the greater good

  • Having the perspective of others

  • Humility with confidence

  • Ability to apologize; admit mistakes

  • Doing the right thing when nobody is looking

  • Can cause internal conflict

  • Being the first one

  • Independent of peer pressure

  • Compromise

  • Perseverance

  • Resilience

  • Grit

  • Reflective

  • Playfulness

  • Good natured; optimistic

  • Growth mindset

  • Frustration with perseverance

  • Challenging self

  • Learning through unexpected outcomes

  • Full effort