Bowie Choir Update

WELCOME BACK 2016-2017

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Sing With Passion Or Not At All

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Bowie Choir School Year! Mr. Lobaugh and Mrs. Batsel are excited to be back and ready to make this year the best yet at the Bowie Choral Department.

Embracing Humanity Through Harmony

This has been a rough year for humanity. Mr. Lobaugh is a strong believer that music can succeed where words fail. Our shirt this year reflects that belief. If you are a student of the Bowie Choral Department, your shirt is a part of your Activity Fee. If you are not a choir student, and would like to purchase a shirt, you can do that through the Bowie Choir Booster Club Website. Buy a shirt and support this organization. The future of humanity depends on it! ;-)

Handbook Is Online

In an effort to save the rainforest (not really, but to save some paper), our Bowie Choir Handbook is digital and is available throughout the year online: There is a link at the main choir webpage as well. Please go and review the handbook, then digitally sign the handbook! Through the magic of the internet (and AISD), you are able to pay for your Activity Fee online as well. Directions are in the handbook, and are also in the footer of the Bowie Choir webpage.

Stay Informed

The Bowie Choral Department uses several technologies to keep you informed. Click through these links and make sure you bookmark these websites, sign up for these newsletters and text reminders!

  • - your information hub for all things Bowie Choir
  • REMIND - regular reminders and updates on important information
  • S'More - this very newsletter, delivered right to you email (sign up for Newsletter at the top of the page)
  • - the Booster Club Website
  • CHARMS - email/phone/fees/fundraising information. This is EXTREMELY important for you to fill out correctly and update when information changes!


Support Your Student - Buy An Ad

The Bowie Choral Department and Booster Club invite you to place an advertisement in the Bowie Choral Department Concert Program for the upcoming school year. The concert program is a great opportunity for you to show your support and love for your student in the Bowie Choral Department. Pictures, notes of encouragement, and "break a legs" are the types of gestures that create lasting memories for your student (even if they won't admit it right now). One payment covers all programs for the school year. Buy A Parent Ad

Buy Your Stuff From Our Amazon Link!

Our Bowie Choir Booster Club fundraises throughout the year using Amazon. Simply use this link (you can bookmark it as your Amazon page and never worry about it again) and buy items as you normally do - there's nothing else to do! Using our Amazon Associates link doesn't cost you anything at all, and we get a portion back from Amazon! (Note: We have no record of what is purchased or who has purchased, so your information is secure)



TMEA All-State Choir Round One Auditions

Saturday, Sep. 17th, 7am-5pm

4501 West Pleasant Ridge Road

Arlington, TX

Students that are interested in auditioning for the TMEA All-State Choir need to IMMEDIATELY pay their $15 entry fee and sign up for the TMEA Round One Auditions online. This is a hard deadline of Friday, September 2, 2016. If we do not have your $15.00 entry fee and your online registration for auditions, you will not be participating. Don't Delay! Sign Up and Practice TODAY!
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Parent-Student Dinner and Orientation

Thursday, Sep. 1st, 5-8pm

2101 Highbank Drive

Arlington, TX

Join us as we welcome you and share with you information and vision for this school year in the Bowie Choral Department! We will be serving dinner ($5.00 per person), sharing music with you, and giving you the opportunity to sign up for Booster Club, Pay Activity Fees, Sign Your Hanbook, be entertained, and get prepared for the year!