Picture Project

Joenay Shaw

The Material World In Tokyo

This photo was taken in Tokyo, Japan. This is the Ukita family and all of their stuff. I choose this photo because I like how their family is represented. I also like how their things looked interesting and different than other countries.

Tokyo House Summary

This picture contains a family of four.A man and a woman and two children. They have two cars. Lots of clothes and shoes.it has everything a normal house would like washer,dryer,carpet,table,refrigerator,different rooms,cabinets a dog and a dog house.

The biggest differences bewtewn the two pictures are the houses structure.Where they are located and the surroundings of them.

The Material World in the U.S.

This photo was taken in Pearland,Texas. I choose this photo because I thought it would be good to get a picture from the United States where i live and compare it to another country.

U.S House Summary

In this image their is a family of four. Two adults and two children. This family has bedrooms sets,two cars,televisions,picture board. Theirs everything a normal house would have like a washer,dryer,carpet,table,refrigerator,different rooms,and cabinets.

Similarities of these houses

These houses are similar because the same amount of people live their and they have a lot of the same stuff they just look different and may be made different from each others.