Parker, Sophia, Vianne, Kaitlin

ACT 3, SCENE 2, LINES 345-405


Puck had made a mistake of placing the love potion on the wrong Athenian's eyes. It was suppose to be Demetrius, but he accidentally put it on Lysander's eyes. Puck explains how he misunderstood and said that he's done what he's suppose to do. Oberon comes up with a solution on how to get everything back to the way it used to. He'll make the two men fight, then fall into deep sleep. Then Puck will put the reverse potion into Lysander's eye and it will erase all the damage that has been done. While he's doing that, Oberon will go to his queen (wife). He'll undo the spell that he put on her and ask her for the Indian boy.

Most important quote

The most important quote of scene f is "Believe me, King if shadows, I mistook." (MND III.ii.347). Which is saying " Believe me, Oberon, I messed up." It shows that Puck is admitting to his mistake, of making Lysander fall in love with Helena instead of Demetrius falling in love with her. He is also admitting to creating all the drama between Hermia and Helena and is asking for forgiveness from Oberon.

Character analysis

Oberon: King of Fairies

He felt sorry for Helena because she was rejected by Demetrius. So he decided to use magic to help her win over Demetrius, but Puck screwed everything up. Demetrius and Lysander end up loving Helena. Now they have to reverse everything back to the way it used to be.

Puck: Fairy servant of Oberon

Oberon ordered Puck to put the potion on Demetrius' eyes, but he mixed him up with Lysander. He put the love potion on Lysander's eyes by accident causing him to fall in love with Helena and forget about Hermia.

Lysander: Hermia's lover

He's in love with Hermia, but Hermia's dad wants her to marry Demetrius. Puck caused him to fall in love with Helena.

Demetrius: Love interest of Helena, wants to marry Hermia

He wants to marry Hermia, but Hermia doesn't love him. Helena loves him, but he just wants her as his sidechick. Oberon puts a love potion on him so that he too falls in love with Helena.


The theme of A Midnight Summers Dream is that love can make you do silly things. Out of love Puck goes to try and make Lysander fall back in love with Hermia, "When they next awake, all the derision Shall seem a dream and fruitless vision." What Puck is saying is that once he is done no one will remember what has happened, that it will seem as though he had done nothing wrong. Puck seeing that he has messed up a wonderful relationship between Hermia and Lysander makes him want to fix his mistake so they can fall in love again, and this drama can end.