Dose it cause depression?


Divorce is the end of a marriage of two people that involves court to end the marriage.Some people think divorce can be a lovely thing that allows them to get a away from the parent he or she dose not like.Divorce can cause depression in children because they think its there fault.

Many children are negatively affected by the fighting and the going in between houses.

  • 1.5 million children are affected negatively by divorce.
  • Going in between houses and then doing home work can be really stressful.
  • Then missing one parent and then the other can cause a lot of depression.

Joy or sorrow?

  • kids from divorced families in their teen years are 35%to to 31%more likely to need a psychological help.
  • children who are from a divorced family have more psychological problems than kids who have lost a mom or a dad.
  • kids might feel sad and unwanted rater than feel hate .


  • It has proven that some children who come from a divorced family have lower academic achievements.
  • Teens are more likely to be a high schools drop out than the kids whose parents are still married.
  • Kids parents who are still divorced tend ro get lower grades on math tests.