DMAC Academy

Region 7

June 21-23, 2016

These training sessions are provided at no cost to any DMAC school — or those looking to purchase the software. DMAC is user-friendly, dynamic and ever-changing based on requests from Texas educators. Each day (as outlined below) will highlight new features in the software, as well as provide you with tips and tricks for using it efficiently at your school.
Utilities - Manage access to DMAC applications, manually enroll students, add teachers or lock classes (functionality in Utilities varies depending on your user role). State Assessment - Disaggregate state data to quickly identify key areas of concern (including those for specific sub populations or custom groups)-- New dashboard feature for 2016! lead4ward - Aggregate and analyze state and/or local data in DMAC to generate reports featured in lead4ward’s state-wide trainings. DMAC Exports - Export your state and local data in DMAC with specified parameters to programs like Microsoft Excel for further data analysis.

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