First Amendments

We're taking you to the inside story of the constitution!!!!

By Liz & Sofia

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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the right to speak in front of crowds and say whatever you would like to say.

Freedom of petition

Freedom of petition is the right to make a poster and fight for your rights or what you think is right and say that you don't want the government to do something.

Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of assembly means that you have the right to gather with people or make a group and say what you want about the government or protest peacefully.

Freedom of Press

Freedom of Press is when you have the right to communication through technology and published materials. Says

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion is the right to have different beliefs and you can pick your own religion.

How is knowledge power?

Knowledge is power because if you did not know anything you would not bring much use. Like in the game that we played some people had nothing on thier cards. Which ment that they had no knowledge and were shooed off. Some people had different languages on thier cards and they didn't know what to do because they spoke a different language. People who had cards that were the language that they spoke had more power than others. In conclution knowledge is power.

How does The first amendment affect us?

The first amendment affects us because we would be able to put things in the newspaper against something you don't believe in. For speech you wouldn't be able to say what you want. Also you couldn't choose your religion. For assembly you couldn't assembly a group and protest peacefully against something you don't believe is right.

We can use these rights how?

List some answers and tell us how

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