"Born Worker"

By Gary Soto

A born worker named Jose

The story of Jose was that he was born to work. Which in fact made sense considering he was born with dirt around his skin, gross stuff under his fingernails, and a shovel that was always handy. People were always certain he was and they were right. By the age of 7 he was drinking coffee, jeans with as shirt that was rolled up by his elbows just like a worker would. His father worked at a telephone company and his mother stitched at a machine all day. he wasnt born into a very "wealthy family" persay, but they always managed to have food on the table, and a roof over his head for there child.

Conflit of the character

Jose has a cousin named Arnie. He is a wealthy middle class kid that gets whatever he wants. When Arnie sees Jose sitting on his porch he offers him a job with Arnie so they could work together. They go to there first job cleaning a pool for a guy named Mr. Clemens, Jose ends up doing all the work while Arnie gets to just sit there. When Mr. Clemens comes out to see their progress, he slips into the empty pool. Jose automatically goes over to Mr.Clemens while Arnie runs off without helping.

Main events from " Born Worker "