NHS Library: What's Happening?

November 2012

Books to Know About

Websites to Know About

NBC Learn

Heartland AEA has added a new online database to its collection: NBC Learn K-12. Teachers and students now have access to thousands of current events videos and historic news broadcasts and interviews from the NBC News archives. All videos also include transcripts and are correlated to the Iowa State Standards and the Common Core Standards. Access this site through the NHS library website and use our AEA login information to enter the database.


Glogster is a free site that allows teachers and students to create online, multi-media posters. It is fun and easy to use. Also, once logged in, you can browse through thousands of other Glogs - based on subject areas - to help brainstorm ideas.

  • Click here to check out a sample Glog I made for Banned Books Week.
  • A word of caution: Make sure you sign up for the education version of Glogster! It can be found at the link below.

History We Can Be Thankful For

Each month, we create a book display to help students discover books they may not have found when browsing through the collection. November's display is "History We Can Be Thankful For," and it focuses on historical fiction relating to the Revolutionary War time period. It seemed like a perfect topic to help us get ready for Thanksgiving!