Anh Do's Career

By Claudia Koks

His Four Occupation's

1.Anh is an actor and has stared in many movies like Footy Legends.

2.He is also an author. He has written three books in this occupation.

3.Another job is a comedian.

4.Anh is also a father of three boys.

Anh's Television Show

Anh has his very own T.V show. He has made two series, last year's one was called "Anh Does Vietnam" and this year's one was called "Anh Does Britain". What he does in the show, is he travels around the country like this year it was Britain and he talks to people and tries the local food where he is visiting.

Acting Filmography

Show: Double the Fist (2008), Character: Krakbot

Show: Crooked Business (2000), Character: Benny Wing

Show: Kick (2007), Character: Hoa Tran

Show: Footy Legends(2006), Character:Luc Van

Show:Solo (2006), Character:Nguyun

Show:Pizza (2005-2007), Character:Chong Fat

Show:Little Fish (2005), Character:Tron