Keep the law the way it is!

But why should we..?

Settlement of Texas

Spain owned a decently large part of North America, which included Texas. Moses Austin, from the United States, was given permission by the Spanish government to start a colony in Texas as long as his colony followed Spanish laws. While Moses Austin was attempting to start a colony, he died in 1821. Therefore, his son Stephen tried to start the colony.

In 1821, Mexico was independent from Spain (Including Texas).

Now, the Americans had to follow the Mexican customs such as becoming Mexican citizens, becoming members of the Roman Catholic Church, and learning Spanish. They agreed to that. In 1829, the Mexican government outlawed slavery, which upset the Americans. They wanted to keep the slaves so their cotton farms would prosper, and very few settlers learned Spanish and converted to Catholicism. The Mexican government realized that Americans were not doing as they had said they would, so in 1829, they closed Texas to further American immigration

One of the reasons why Mexico shouldn't change the law is because when Americans were in Texas, they weren't responding to the government's compromise. Americans would have a colony in Texas and follow Mexican laws, but they didn't end up following the laws. How can we trust the Americans, since in the past, they've betrayed us?

Texas War for Independence

When Stephen Austin was jailed, the Texans revolted. The first battle between the Texans and the Mexicans took place at an old mission that was used as a fort: The Alamo. After the war was over, all but 5 Texans who fought were dead. The men not killed in battle were executed by Santa Anna. The Texans were shocked by the slaughter, so General Sam Houston gathered people from different places together, and created a small group to battle Santa Anna. The troops met Santa Anna at San Jacinto. The Americans had a specific battle cry: "Remember the Alamo!" The battle was over within 18 minutes. More than half of the Mexican army was killed. Santa Anna was captured and forced to sign a treaty, giving Texas its freedom. With the Battle of San Jacinto, Texas was now an independent country.
The next reason that foreigners should not be allowed to own land within 60 miles from the international borders and 30 miles from the coast is because Texans couldn't take the defeat. They got more people together, and even though yes, they did kill over half of the Mexican army, they captured Santa Anna, forcing him to sign the Treaty from the Battle of San Jacinto.

American War With Mexico/Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

James K. Polk, elected in 1844 wanted to re-annex Texas, so he began the process. Soon after he was elected, Texas became a state. As soon as the annexation of Texas occurred, the Mexican government broke off all diplomatic relations with the United States. They also continued to claim the border between Texas and Mexico was the Nueces river which was far north of the border that Texans and the US claimed at the Rio Grande river. Trying to avoid conflict, the US sent someone to Mexico city to offer up to $30 million to purchase California and New Mexico. When Mexico said "No deal", Polk ordered American troops to take stance on the north side of the Rio Grande. May 9, 1846 news was delivered to Washington that Mexican forces crossed the Rio Grande and attacked American troops. Congress responded with a Declaration of War. Many people called it Mr. Polk's war because they thought he was fighting for more territory. American Forces lead by Zachary Alexander won a series of tough battles against Mexican Forces. As American Forces headed for Mexico City, Santa Anna attempted to counter attack. That was the Battle of Buena Vista. After the Americans won the Battle of Buena Vista, Taylor returned to Washington and Winfield Scott took over. Mexico City fell to the Americans in 1847. With the fighting over, a peace treaty was negotiated. Mexico acknowledged the annexation of Texas, with a southern border of the Rio Grande. They also seated New Mexico and California to the US, price of $15 million. Also to assume the $3 million of disputed claims. And this the treaty signed at Guadalupe Hidalgo, the US gained the huge expansion territory President Polk and others had prized.
A final reason that Mexico should not open some of the territory to foreigners is that the treaty gave America California and New Mexico, which was clearly Mexico's territory. If Mexico would like to keep some of the land they have specifically for Mexican citizens, they should. They've already allowed to have Americans take their part of the Western and Southern US. Also, Americans can own property in part of Mexico, just not near their borders. Therefore, why should Mexico open up their land if they've already given up so much?