The Big Bang

By,Jacob S.

What is this thing?

Have you ever thought while watching The Big Bang Theory that maybe it is more than a show. Well this is an actually thing that started our universe. This hunk of over heated ground blew up 12-14 million years ago. Actually we are just sitting in what's left. The Big Bang is still cooling.
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More Descriptive.

Welcome back to the super fun learning show. Where we left off we were talking about the aftermath of the Big Bang. We'll start there, Now that we're calling we are also expanding. The colder the universe gets the bigger.

Scientist think that in years to come there will be a new Big Bang Part 2. Even though this dark form of energy came to make our universe how it is we can't figure what came before. We do think that before then nothing lived, nothing happened, and there was nothing.

And if you look down you'll see clouds in there, right? well those cloud were 2.7x1,000,000 hot. You can imagine that in the picture up above.

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What Caused the Big Bang?
From 1 minute to 3:40 minutes


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