digital camera market trends

digital camera market trends

digital camera market trends

In 2008 , there have been many digital cameras let themselves of new products, new technology, advances in technology in this industry has injected new blood . And many products available conceptual level , but let us look to the digital camera industry technological innovation some clues.


24 million pixel level into the mainstream 50 million pixels poised

Canon early June on claims to have developed a 50 million pixel full-frame CMOS sensor , then in 2009 we could have the opportunity to witness the 50 million pixel full-frame SLR birth to rely on the whole competition.

The strength of the opponent's technique . From the strength point of view , Sony will be launching this 50 million pixels of the dispute of the most powerful competitors. As a top-level configuration of the 24 million pixel sensor , is expected in 2009 will be put into the levels of full-size SLR ( such as the Nikon D700 upgrade models ) , allowing 20 million effective pixels above the level of a full frame sensor mainstream configurations.


Yuan was born full frame

For the full-size SLR concerned, this amount threshold has been going even thinner than paper windows from yuan price has also been getting closer. The first million or less likely it is currently SLR cheapest full frame Canon EOS5D. As competition for low-end Canon full frame SLR main market , 5D can still be fighting half load . While Sony is a million or less full-size market, the competition is full of the most interesting , probably in the first half of 2009 which launched the low-end full-size SLR with hung and 12 million pixel sensor .

Prediction three

460,000 pixel LCD screen or into the mainstream consumer-level cameras configuration

In 2009 , we expect the high-end consumer-level DC will begin using 460,000 pixel LCD screen, high cost 1,500 yuan excluded outside the popularity of DC 460,000 -pixel LCD screen .

Prediction four

High-end DC redouble their efforts

In 2008 , a few manufacturers of high-end DC, such as the Panasonic LX3 or Canon G10 can be described as pocketed the limelight , the other manufacturers in 2009 will also do some articles on the DC end . Like Fuji , Samsung is likely to launch its own high-end DC products , Fujitsu will use its DC SuperCCDEXR, to obtain a surprisingly high ISO image quality , while Samsung HZ series in early 2009 exposed edge , 24mm ultra- wide angle and 10x optical variable performance will LX3 and G10 DC such relatively conservative attack . [ 2 ]

Predicted five

HD had become the basic configuration

In 2008 HD video clips ubiquitous feature to 2009 may become the high-end consumer DC standard configuration, SLR , Sony and Nikon SLR Full HD video also released in 2009 , and full HD video capabilities will likely appear in the non- full frame SLR . Panasonic G1 surprise us in 2008 also left us regret performance in 2009 and have a more comprehensive definition camera function G1 subsequent products will be available, like smart interchangeable lens DC friends can appropriate attention.

Waterproof digital camcorder video camera

Waterproof digital camera camcorder video camera video camera a wide range of basic principles of their work is the same: the optical image signals into electrical signals for convenient storage or transmission. When we were shooting an object, this object light is reflected on the camera lens collected , it focused on the light receiving surface of the image pickup device (e.g., camera tube target surface ) , and then through the optical pickup device into electrical energy , which has been "Video Signal ." Photoelectric signal is very weak , to be amplified by the pre- amp circuit , through a variety of circuits for processing and adjustment , and finally get the standard signal can be sent to the VCR , etc. recorded on a recording medium , or by dissemination systems to monitor transmitted or displayed.


( A ) photoconductive camera tube : tube lead oxide , selenium, tellurium, arsenic tube . )

( 2 ) Solid photoelectric sensor CCD: trends , whether broadcast or business class , are replaced by CCD camera tube .

3 . Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor CMOS: immature technology , price and power consumption lower than the CCD , but noise, image effects than the CCD is low. High-tech CMOS CCD image than poor results .

Pickup device

Completion of image decomposition and optical signal conversion device . Image decomposition is to a complete image is decomposed into several independent pixels ( screen television image constitutes the smallest unit ) process. Generally speaking, the more the number of pixels , the image is clearer . Each pixel is only a single color and brightness that . The image pickup device can the optical signal of each pixel into a corresponding electrical signal , and then transmitted in a certain order to the output terminal . Pickup device of the camera tube and solid ( semiconductor ) image pickup device into two categories.

① camera tube , electron beam device , is divided into dissector tube , photomultiplier dissector tube , ultra- orthicon and vidicon several. New multi- use compact camera lead oxide iconoscope . Various camera tube has a vacuum envelope , which is equipped with an electron gun and the target surface . The envelope of the scene being shot through a window image on the target surface , the target surface using the photoelectric effect or the photoconductive effect emission of the target surface illuminance distribution of the points into the corresponding potential distribution of the optical image into electrical image . Deflection coil drive in the tube , the electron beam spot by the progressive scan target surface , each pixel on the scan path of the potential signal sequence output.

② solid-state imaging device . A new charge coupled device (CCD). Hundreds of thousands of devices unit arranged in front , the surface has a photosensitivity . The scene being shot image on the front surface of the illumination unit and is proportional to the amount of stored charge . By the clock pulses and shift control signals , the front face of each cell signal shifted by a certain order , can be obtained by time-varying image intensity signal .

Preamp output from the imaging device to a predetermined magnitude of weak signal amplification of the video amplifier. To ensure good signal to noise ratio , required a preamp noise factor as small as possible .

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The main performance


It is a video signal level and noise level ratio. This indicator is a measure of an important indicator of the quality of the camera . The higher the SNR , the sharper the image , the higher the quality , usually at least 50dB .

Minimum illumination

Cameras are needed in certain brightness ( luminance ) work under light conditions , if the light is below a certain intensity can not see images.

Minimum illumination ( minimum illumination ) is open to the maximum aperture of the camera using the maximum gain, so that the image level reaches a predetermined value required illumination. Usually in the tens Lux.

If DXC-537 Minimum illumination : F1.8 13LUX +18 dB

F1.4 7.5LUX +18 dB

DXC-637 Minimum illumination F1.8 1.5LUX +30 dB

F1.4 1LUX +30 dB


Temperature sensitivity is 32000K , 2000LUX illumination light shines in the 89-90 % of the reflection coefficient with the gray card , and with the video camera , picture level reaches a predetermined value , the required Aperture F, F larger the value , the higher the sensitivity .

DXC-537 sensitivity of : 2000LUX F8.0 (32000K, 89.5%).

Minimum illumination is lower the higher the sensitivity , the camera quality is also higher. If the illumination is too low or too high, the video camera out of the picture will deteriorate .

Inert low illumination tailing may occur .

Illumination image appears too high " bloom " phenomenon.

Camera tube type cameras , not directly on the light and the sun shot , otherwise the camera tube burns. CCD chip camera no inert or burns phenomenon can be aligned with the sun.