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  • Zoom Meetings
  • Yearbook purchase cost and link
  • Classwork/Grades including information on the NG (No Grade)
  • Time Capsule instructional video
  • Next Year Classroom changes

Quarantine Connections

Dear Families,

Hope this letter finds you well and healthy! I just have a few important notes I wanted to share, so I'll make it as short as possible today. :)

Cassidy Crew Zoom at Noon Meetings

I strongly encourage students to attend Zoom meetings on Monday and Friday, whether they have questions or not because it is a great way to start and end the week. Monday I go over new content and assignment instructions, and on Friday we connect back to talk about what we learned and answer or revisit a focus question from the week. I am always accompanied in the meetings by either Miss Rachel and/or Mrs. Solsvig, so there are 2 -3 of us available to assist students with any questions they may have, Monday through Friday, 12 pm - 1 pm. This Friday I have a very fun digital escape room experience I am excited to share about Greek mythology!

  • NOTE: I am happy to meet at other times for smaller group or individual tutoring. Please contact me and we can set something up.


  • The yearbook is available for purchase for $15.00.
  • To order this year's Midnight Sun Yearbook, you can go to:
  • The school code is: 14081820

Lifetouch is saying that they are experiencing some delays with printing, but hope to have everything printed and to us by the end of the school year. I will keep you posted on any new information as it comes in.


Classwork is found in the Google Classroom, Spelling City for spelling and vocabulary, and for Science and Math. I have included any and all links on the Google Classroom and students should always start there.

It is very important that your children stay on task and up to date with the course work, as this is what their grade will be based on. I will also give extra participation points for those who attend Zoom meetings on Monday and Friday.

I will close out any work, completed or not, one week after assigned. If work is not turned in by then, they will receive a zero on the assignment, which will adversely affect their overall grade for the semester.

  • UPDATE: Students who score less than 70% overall will receive a NG (No Grade) for that subject. It has not been made clear how this will affect students, but to be safe please make sure students are completing all work. If they turn everything in, they should not be in danger of the NG standing on their report card.

I will continue reaching out to parents via the Remind App, home and cell phone calls, as well as email through our Google Classroom. I am pleased that the majority of students have been turning in their work on time and well done. Great job Crew! Keep up the great work, and stay strong!

Again, other than the due dates, students are free to work at their own pace. I have some students who will get most of it done in one or two days. That is fine, as long as they are reading every day and doing some sort of physical activity. For those who need more motivation or time, I am allowing an entire week to turn things in late for credit. In this way I hope to meet the needs of all of my students while still holding them accountable.

I hope this has been helpful. Again, please know we are in this together. If you have any questions or concerns, call me anytime. My home number is 376-4710, cell is 775-4707.

Thank you for all you are doing, and stay safe and strong!

Mrs. Cassidy

Video: Working on the COVID-19 TIME Capsule Project (Due May 15)

Covid19 Time Capsule Project

Next Year Classroom Changes

The APC Board has voted to add another Transition room, and increase their level from 3rd - 5th grade. We will only have two 5th - 8th grade classrooms instead of three 3rd - 8th grade classes. All 4th graders that are currently in upper grade rooms are grandfathered in and can remain in their upper grade classroom next year as 5th graders. Mrs. Marsh will be moving from the upper grade level to teaching the new transition class. The new teacher taking Mrs. Allen's position (has not been filled as of this writing) will be taking on Mrs. Allen's classroom and I assume that the new teacher and I will split the remaining 6th - 8th graders from Mrs. Marsh's class.

This should not affect any of the students that are currently in my class. However, if you had a sibling going into 4th grade next year and were hoping to get them in my classroom, this would no longer be an option, as my classroom will be 5th - 8th.

So, for example, if you have a sibling in Mr. Sidelinger's who will be in 5th grade next year, they could stay in his classroom or come to my room. Depending on that student and enrollment numbers, you can make the best decision for them with input from their teacher(s).

I hope that helps you in your decision-making for next school year! Of course, we have no idea what the future holds, but I do hope that we will be working together again in our building this fall!

Primary (K-2) Teachers




Transition (3-5) Teachers




Upper Grades (5-8) Teachers


To Be Determined Teacher to take over Mrs. Allen's classroom

Mrs. Cassidy

2017 Bachelor of Arts in Education, with a minor is Special Education, UAA

2018 Master of Education Technology, Walden University

2019-present Pursuing doctoral degree in Education Technology, Walden University