Resources for Teachers


Website: Creately

Create fast, professional looking diagrams, easy sharing and post-it style comments. A fully interactive interface that works in your browser. Great features like Magic Connectors, Contextual Toolbars and Create-n-Connect button make diagramming easy.

Website: Student Publishing

Make paperback storybooks and professionally typed, hardback classbooks. Make free books from every student's story. Make a free book for the classroom where every student is an author and illustrator of a page in a classbook.

Website: Little Bird Tales

Capture your child's voice and imagination with our creative story building tool and share them with friends and family.

Website: Spelling Cow

Can spell check as you type on any web page. Just add one line and your website will have a spell checker. You may also run SpellingCow on any website you visit via the use of a favelet.

Website: Cartoonize

Cartoon yourself in one click. Directly online & free.

Website: Quikmaps

Draw and add your own landmarks and annotations to Google maps. Embed into your own website.

Website: If It Were My Home

A gateway to understanding life outside your home. Use the country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another. Start by selecting a region to compare and begin your exploration.

Website: Dogonews

Fodder, cool sites and global news for young minds.

Website: SchoolWAX TV

Educator approved videos so everyone can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. The perfect resource for students who are working on their homework or just need a little extra help on any given subject. Teachers can use the animations and videos to capture their students’ attention and enrich classroom lessons.

Website: Voicethread

Create a slideshow of images or video and you and others can comment on each
photo by text, audio or video. Embed into any webpage.


Podcast: Nebraska Department of Education: Office of Special Education- Verification Guide

The Nebraska Department of Education has posted free training materials through iTunes U. These materials include fourteen segments, each about a different area in the field of Special Education.

Podcast: Autism- Autism Events

These lectures provide an overview of the symptoms and behaviors commonly exhibited by individuals with autism, Aspergers syndrome, or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD).

Podcast: Assistive Technology- Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind Explores the varied assistive technology in place at the school to enable visually impaired students to engage with the curriculum.

Podcast: Special Ed Podcast

Teachers and students discuss how Special Education has impacted them.

Podcast: Understanding RtI

Dr. George Batsche explains the RtI framework and how it is used by classroom teachers and other educators to address the needs of students.


Teach Special Education

Video: Teach Special Education

Parents, teachers, and students talk about the impact Special Education has made on them and why Special Education is so important.
The Magic Schoolbus Episode 12 Gets Ants In The Pants

Video: The Magic School Bus- Gets Ants in its Pants

In Episode 12: Gets Ants in its Pants, the gang learns about ants.
Fractions video

Video: Fractions Video

This video discusses factions
Social Studies Video on The Underground Railroad

Video: Underground Railroad

This video discusses the Underground Railroad.
Gravity, Force, and Work (clip)

Video: Gravity, Force, and Work (clip)

GRAVITY, FORCE and WORK introduces Zog to Newton's basic laws of motion. By observing objects on earth and in space, Zog learns that nothing can start moving, speed up, slow down, change direction or stop unless a FORCE is applied to it -- even if the force is hard to see, like GRAVITY or FRICTION. He learns that for every force there is an equal and opposite force and that is the principle behind jet propulsion. And he learns that, scientifically, WORK occurs only when a force moves an object some distance.

Written and animated by David Christianson.