Welcome Disciples!

2nd Grade YFF

Welcome to the BEST year in YFF!

It will be an amazing year in your Catholic faith! You will receive the sacred gift of First Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Each class will bring you closer to these Blessed Sacraments. Listen Closely! Take in everything! Have fun!

We are excited to teach you!

We are through the moon excited to have you in our class this year! We have prepared and look forward to pray, teach and learn with you. The first month you will learn from home. We will begin in person classes in October.

At orientation you will receive a bag. Included in the bag are three lessons and a few art projects. Please have your parents read one lesson each week to you.

- Week 1 - art projects (Scratch Art and Puzzle)

- Week 2 - Chapter 1 (Created in God's Image)

- Week 3 - Chapter 2 (Free Will and Original Sin)

- Week 4 - Chapter 8 (Conscience, Venial and Mortal Sin)

Please complete the very last page for each chapter and return the first day of in person class.

See you in October!


Mrs. Kristen Clapper

Mrs. Aimée Drivon

Mrs. Melissa Treuting

Mrs. Joan Dittman

You may email me at any time.