Reform Movement

Transcendentalism: A system urging people to transcend, or overcome, the limits of their minds and let their souls reach out to embrace the beauty of the universe.

The utopian movement: Since americans concluded that society had corrupted human nature they decided the solution was to form a utopia ((ideal society)). Corporative living and the absence of private property characterized these communities. Shakers ((a religious group)) established utopian communities. They did not believe in marrying or having children so they only expanded by making converts.

The Brook Farm was the best know utopia. It was a cooperative community in Massachusetts, and the Oneida community, a religious society in upstate New York.

Noah Webster

Noah Webster was an "agent of change" because of the books he published called the Spelling Book, and the American Dictionary Of The English Language.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar is know for his famous poem that hold 100 stanzas called The Raven. He also wrote The Masque Of The Red Death. He was the first writer to develop both detective fiction and horror.Nearly every important american writer after poe shows signs of influince, especially when working in the gothic mode or with grotesque humor.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph is an american poet, his first book was called Nature. He is recognized for intellectual culture.
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