Thomas Paine

Cecelia Diedrick

Important facts

Thomas Paine was a writer and he inspired people with his writing. He also was failed out of school and he had to start working for his dad. Thomas Paine used to be a police officer but he soon became a writer.

Family life

Thomas Paine had a dad, named Joseph Paine and a mother named Frances Cocke. Thomas Paine married a lovely woman named Elizabeth Ollive and he had no kids but he did have a sister named Elizabeth Paine.

Famous for

Thomas Paine is famous for all of his books, including his most famous book Common sense. Thomas Paine also wrote books about the Revolutionary war.

Role in Revolution

Thomas Paine's role in the Revolutionary war was being in the rights of men.

Life after the Revolution

Thomas Paine retired in 1783 to New Jersey. He was generating funds because when you were in the war you would have to pay funds