Product Redesign Project

Presentation Guidelines

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Presentations are given on Thursday 4/2/2014

What's Required? (the basics)

  1. 3D design of your product created on 123D Design showing all details.
  2. 6 Slide Slideshow (use google drive to create presentation, or open office Impress)
  3. Everyone participates in speaking (questions that need addressed are listed below)
  4. Be creative! These are the necessities, but add anything in you'd like!

3D design of your product

  1. Created with 123D Design or Inventor software
  2. Shows all characteristics of your redesign concepts you want to achieve
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  1. Include at least 6 slides (including title page)
  2. Include at least one photo per slide as well as text
  3. Each slide is relevant to your project (these will help you answers the questions listen below)
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Answer and describe the following: (You do not need to go in this order)

  1. What you chose to redesign and why
  2. Detailed Problem Statement of original product
  3. Solutions or fixes to these problems in your problem statement
  4. Design Process (how did you pick the item you chose, how did you come up with redesign ideas, how did you refine or "tweak" your design, what ideas did you throw away/keep)
  5. Have your ideas been tried before? (if yes, what did you do to make your product stand out or be unique from others)
  6. What materials is your product composed of and why?
  7. What is the estimated potential cost to create your new product?
  8. Who is your target audience? (what type of people would you be marketing your product towards, will it work/not work for everyone?)
  9. Are there any problems that result from the new design? (high cost, limited resources, danger, obscure)
  10. Why should someone want your redesigned product over the original?
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Individual Journal Entries (to be completed after the project is complete, printed, and handed in to me)

  1. Your name
  2. What were your role and responsibilities?
  3. Was your team able to generate ideas without judgment?
  4. How effective was your team’s discussion about which item to develop into your product?
  5. Did everyone participate? Did members provide support for their ideas? Were ideas thoroughly considered by the team?
  6. How close was your team’s initial sketch to the final product?
  7. If changes were made to the sketch prior to the final product, why did your team decide to make those changes?

EMAIL me your 3D model files and Slideshows