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Environmental Trends

Environmental is a popular trend in business. It is set out to help the environment and reduce problems which benefit the business as well as other people. Ethical Trends and Environmental Trends link together. World wide popular businesses use environmental trends, such as velvet that promises that when they cut 1 tree down to produce their toilet paper they plant another 3. This helps a lot of problems that could occur if trees were all chopped down, such as killing natural habitats, soil erosion which means trees can be re-planted and easy flood to town and city. Rossett School uses low energy light which saves electricity so fossil fuels aren't produced as much.

Ethical Trends

If a business uses ethical trends they will gain more customers and a good reputation. They can do this by buying your products from the local area, and if you need transport to use Eco-friendly transport. Another way to be ethical is to save power by using Eco-friendly power sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. To be ethical it can be expensive but is worth it and will gain money back from the customers you receive after. An example of ethical trends used is Rossett School, they use low energy lights to save power as well as light sensors to unnecessary light isn't used when there is no-one there. They were expensive but saved them money in the future. Ethical Trends also gain a good reputation by the staff knowing they will be paid reasonably and what they are owed, they give them fair holidays and maternity leave and treat them with respect. An example of this is in Rossett School, when a teacher becomes pregnant they get a 52 weeks paid maternity leave.
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Social Trends

In a business to meet social trends you can communicate with customers and other business's through social networking as well as to find market research. Social Trends also include charity work. To be promote your business you could use social media sites to advertise your business further than just the local community. Social media is an easy way to communicate with any complaints and good feedback that could introduce more customers.

Technology Trends

As technology is progressing, the rise in online shopping is growing rapidly, meaning shops are losing customers because people have found an easier way to shop through tablets, laptops and phones and be able to sit at home instead of going out. Online shopping is more frequent which makes high street shops quieter, the less customers the more likely the shop will shut down, this means they’ll be no high street shops and people will be forced to online shop and be no reason to go outside, reducing the need for cashiers, leading to an increase in unemployment. Self-checkouts are also making cashiers unemployed as only 1 cashier is needed and more people use self checkouts for different reasons, this means that the unemployment rate is gradually moving up. Home delivery services are now provided in most popular supermarkets, which is useful to people that can’t get around as easy and for people who work a lot and don’t have the time to fit in weekly shopping, satnavs are used to navigate to a house which is a faster deliver service and another new source of technology. I will have a website for my business which could expand my business, as potential customers can research prices, menus, photos to show what the pub/bar looks like and a map to locate where my business is. Warehouse workers are also becoming unemployed as people use the internet to shop further and further in this generation of technology, which means they don’t need workers to record what they have sold and what they need because they aren’t sending stock to a shop anymore.