Chinese Cinderella

The true story of an unwanted daughter


The Author of this book is Adeline Yen Mah. This book is an auto biography of her childhood. She has also written the book Falling Leaves.


This book had a few different settings through the book.The main two settings were Adeline's home and boarding school. Adeline had 2 homes in this book, one in Tianjin and one in Shanghai. She went to boarding school when they lived in Shanghai but it wasn't located in Shanghai it was in Tianjin and Hong Kong.From reading the book it seems like both houses and both boarding schools that she lived in were nice.

Character Analysis

Their are many characters in this book but the main character is Adeline. She is a mistreated child one of the events that took place in the book is that her dad forgot to pick her up from school that is one of many time that she was mistreated. also she got beat by her dad for not cleaning the house like her step mother asked. I am glad that i am not mistreated like Adeline is in the book.


Rising action-When her dad forgot to pick her up from school is one of the events that occur in the rising action.

Climax-When Adeline gets shipped off to boarding school.

Falling action-When her grandpa dies and she is really upset

Resolution-Adeline was mistreated as a child.


Adeline wanted to live up to the standards of her brothers and sisters but her family believes that she is "evil" because when her mom gave birth to her mom died. So she won all of the awards at school but couldn't win her family's respect then her parents thought it was a good idea to send her to boarding school that way the rest of the family didn't have any "evil" around them.


This book has won two awards. The ALA- YALSA Best book for Young Adults. It has also won A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the year.