The Branson Desires

By: Maggie Underhill and Vanessa Marlo

Sports/Entertainment Marketing


Major Attractions in Branson, Missouri

Titanic Museum

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show

Hollywood Wax Museum

Target Market

Family and Retired Elders

Product Mix

Low and reasonable prices for large/young families and seniors. Don't worry about what your little ones will be eating in the morning and how you will budget your money for all the fun things you plan on doing because here at the Branson Attraction we serve three meals a day, free for kids under 14 but $5 for each adult.

Ways we will advertise for our resort is through travel magazines, on t.v. and we will also be advertising on the radio.

Branson Facts

1. Branson has more than 100,000 motel rooms restaurant seats and theater seats combines.

2. Nearly 8 million people travel to Branson every year.

3. Branson has a population of a little over 7,000.

4. Over 65% of Branson's visitors come from over a 300 mile radius.

5. Home to 3 outlet shopping malls.

6. Tourism Center has sold over 2.5 million show tickets.

7. Branson Tourism offers his customers gas discounts.

8. Home of several world class impersonators.

9. Branson is 19 square miles.

10. Averages 5 inches of rain in May.