December Updates

Three weeks to go!

Thematic Essays

An important aspect of the Humanitas Model is the thematic essay. Students at every grade level will be writing a very important essay this week. This essay is their chance to tell us what they've learned. Most of the work will happen during class time, but it's a good idea to ask them about it and hopefully read it before they turn it in.

December 9th-13th is Stop Week

Stop Week is the last week before final exams. During stop week, there are no field trips or activities during class time. This is because we want all of our students to concentrate on their work and keep their grades up.

Final Exams on Wednesday, 12/18- Friday, 12/20

Grant High School will be on a special schedule on 12/18-12/20. Students will have two-hour classes for each final exam. Attendance is mandatory! Some teachers do an activity instead of an exam, but students are required to attend everyday.

Wednesday 12/18

Periods 1 and 4

Dismissal at 3:09

Thursday 12/19

Periods 3 and 5

Dismissal at 12:26

Friday 12/20

Periods 2 and 6

Dismissal at 12:26

Winter Break

Our last day of school is December 20th and we will return to school on January 13th. We hope you have a wonderful winter break!

Our Thanksgiving Potluck was lots of fun!