Andrew Jackson

I think Andrew Jackson is a Zero

The spoils system

When Jackson got into office he fired many high ranking government officials. he started hiring many of the people that helped him in the campaign, such as newspaper righter that supported him, and old freinds that supported him.

Created the Tariff of 1828

Andrew Jackson created the Tariff of 1828 to place taxes on imported goods. the Southerners greatly disliked this because they heavily relied on imported goods. However the North like the the Tariff because the sent goods to the south. The tariff of 1828 almost caused the south to secede.

The Force Bill

The Force Bill was created so that Andrew Jackson could use the U.S. army to collect taxes from the south in 1833.

Political Cartoon

This Political Cartoon of Andrew Jackson Shows that he was more like a king than a president. He was seen that way because he didn't follow the constitution you can tell because he is stepping on it. In one of his hands he is holding a VETO which shows that he abused that power.