Astronomy A-Fall 2013

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FireFox Issues

Students! If you are unable to view the content in your courses using FF version 23 try the following. Click the shield icon in the address bar and from the pull-down menu [lower right hand corner] select Disable Protection on This Page. The content should show.

Synchronous Sessions/Office Hours Help

Students, are you having issues accessing Adobe Connect meetings or recordings?

If so, follow this link to download the Adobe Connect plugin on your computer.

Adobe Connect Plugin

Also, you will login as a guest. You DO NOT enter a username and password to join sessions.

Late Work Policy Reminder

Two weeks worth of assignments are due on "Assignment Due Dates" (Every other Friday by midnight). Students should be following their course schedule (located in the syllabus) to ensure they are turning in the correct assignments. (Please go in order!)

Assignments submitted late receive a reduced grade as follows:

  • Submit Saturday, Sunday, Monday = 10% reduction
  • Submit Tuesday = 20% reduction
  • Submit Wednesday = 30% reduction
  • Submit Thursday = 40% reduction
  • Submit Friday = 50% reduction

Assignments submitted after Friday (following an assignments due date) will not be accepted and a zero will remain in the grade book.

Student Email Accounts

Google Email Account Set-Up Information

GaVS is making a switch from D2L email (email within the course) to Google Mail. Instructional Technology has created a site to help teachers and students with the switch and integration with D2L. The site is GaVL Google Apps. Make sure to reference the section called "Google - Getting Started" in order to learn how to link your Google account with your D2L account. To learn more about how to use Google tools, reference the "Google Tools" section of the site.

Note about syncing passwords: There is a section explaining how to sync your GaVS Google apps password with your GaVS Student Information System password. Your password has to be at least 8 characters long. If your GaVS Student Password is not 8 characters long then you will need to change the password. The passwords have to be the same. If your passwords are not the same, you can watch THIS video on how to change your password.

It is imperative that you set up your Google Account right away. Using your GaVS email account is essential since it is the primary form of communication students will use with me as their instructor.

If you have any problems setting up your Google Account, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can be of assistance.

D2L Help Sessions

When: (attend any of the following)
  • Thursday, September 5 at 7PM
  • Tuesday, September 17 at 11AM
  • Thursday, September 19 at 7PM


This is an online event in the Adobe D2L Help Classroom

You will join by entering the meeting as a Guest. Your username is your first and last name. Here is the link to join each D2L Session:

Adobe D2L Help Classroom

The space for each session is limited. We ask everyone to join the session using only ONE computer at your home. If the session is full, the recording will be posted within the learning management system and you will have an opportunity to review the recording OR attend another upcoming meeting. The schoolwide D2L meetings are separate from individual Welcome sessions held by each teacher. Please plan to attend the meeting with your teacher as well. Your teacher will notify you about the date of that meeting.

Need Answers to General Questions?

1. Start with the GaVS Knowledgebase, a searchable database of tutorials on the most common questions:
Click here to use the GAVS Helpdesk/Knowledgebase!

2. Look within the news announcements (in the Course) or other communication from me.

3. Familiarize yourself with the Student Handbook: Click here to access the Student Handbook.

4. Feel free to contact me directly via phone or email.

Michelle Hague

Available Mondays-Fridays 7:00pm-8:00pm

Will return class/emails within 24 hours

Office Hours Mondays 7:00pm-8:00pm...Drop in to get help or ask questions!