Megan D.

Your Not The Only One

The Person I Interviewed Was..

My mom!

1.What years were you in Middle School?


2.What kinds of music,movies,and fashion were popular at the time?

For fashion: puffy hair,farmer jeans,and two different colored socks on 1 foot.

Music: freestyle

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3.What were your favorite activities,hobbies,or interest back then?

Dancing, Art and i always loved to sing!
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4.What/Job/interests/activities do you have now?Is there a connection between what you like back then and what you enjoy today?

Singing at my own risk!, and yes there is a connection because i still sing whenever im cleaning or listening to music.
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5.What was the best part about being in Middle School?

Being with my friends was the best part.
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6.Was was the worst part ?

Moving away was the worst part.

7.How would you describe your Middle School self?

I was very shy in Middle School.

8.What advice about growing up would you give to kids my age?

Don't do drugs! , stay in school, and don't be to self conscious when in Middle School because we all have to grow up,
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9.What music did you listen to?

Stevie B, and Michael Jackson,
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10.Who was your idol/ favorite singer back then?

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