Pork is the most popular meat followed by beef and veal. Germans like these vegetables like beets, onions, carrots, and turnips. They are eaten in large quantities. Germans eat very healthy. Germans eat different kinds of fish. There is a German cheese called Munster.


One of the most famous German celebrations is Oktoberfest. It is like a fair and begins in September and runs for two weeks. Germany also has May Day which is on May 1st. May Day is the same as our Labor Day. Germany has Unity day on October 3rd. It is the day Germany came back together. National Day is on October 26th which was called Flag Day. They have pumpkin parties around Halloween. In November they have a day where they honor all the people who died in World War II.They also do Chirstmas the same way as us.

Interesting information

The capitol of Germany is Berlin. Berlin had a wall called the Berlin wall. It divided the city and the country between the east and west. For several centuries after Otto the great was claimed king in 936, German rulers were also usualy head of the Roman Empire.

Famous people

George Handel was a famous composer. Hitler started world war two he was famous for that. Alot of people didn't like him. Freud Lucian was a german born brazil artist he lived in (1922-2011). Schweitzer was famous for being a musician, preacher, doctor and a writer.

Art, Music, Dancing

Germany is the third largest music market in the world today. Germany has some of the most famous musicians including Bach, Beethoven, and Schubert. Mozart was born in Austria but had a big impact on the German opera. Mozart made some amazing dances. Germany has beautiful art scultplures. They are wonderful looking and made of stone.


The climate is impacted by two major forces - the ocean and the inland area. The ocean breezes and the gulf stream affect north and northwest Germany. These areas have mild winters and warm summers - 86 degrees. They get an average of 31 inches of rain each year. Eastern Germany is affected by the inland area. Winters can be very cold and summers can be very warm with less days of rain and snow. Central and southern Germany are areas which are impacted by both the ocean and inland forces. There is also the Alpine regions in the extreme south which have a mountain climate which has lower temperatures and more rain and snow. Good skiing!

Germany is 7 hours ahead of us in time.


Most people in Germany are Christian - 68%. Roman Catholics who are led by the pope (like me) and Protestants both are at 34%. Some other minority religions in Germany are Islam (4 %), Judaism, and Buddhism. Germany is mostly Christian, they believe in GOD.


Germany's official language is German. German is an offical language of the European Union. German is spoken by 15% of the European Union. German is spoken by 180 million people worldwide. German is the most popular second language for French students.

German Folk Music - Goldried Quintett


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