Working conditions

conditions need to be improved.

working conditions impoved

Working hours for children were limited to 12 hours max.children under 9 were banned from working in factories. 10 to 13 year old's limited to 48 hours per week. factories were improved to be safer.

dangers of working in a coal mine

coal mines didn't have air ventilation which caused miners to have lung problems. There were many dangers working in a coal mine including the mine collapsing, flooding, and explosions.

Dangers of working in a factory.

the dust and chemicals from the machine polluted the air which could cause permanent damage to the worker. the factories were also very unsanitary which gave disease and spread it quickly. the small rooms and the unguarded machines cause a lot of injuries. Bitish parliment passed the Combination Acts, which made it illegal for workers to combine, as a group to ask for better working conditions.