By Zoee Collett

France is famous for the leaning tower of pizza and the Eiffel tower.France has amazing pastries like a croissants.Below thier is the offical flg of France.
here is the offical flag of France.You con visit the city Paris.You can see many sites in Paris like the Eiffel tower

Here is a map of France.You can see that their are many places in France

Fun Facts

the offical language of France is French.The longest river in France is river Loire.The some natrual resourses for France is coal, iron ore, bauxite, fish, timber, zinc, potash.The capital of France is Paris.Paris is the biggest city in France.The population of France is 60,180,529 scine July 2003.Dont for get the Tour De France.The famous bike race held in France.Many people participate in this famous bike race.


In the winter its cool and summers are hot.However, along the Mediterranean they have hot summers.The north of France has chilly weather. In the south it gets very warm in the summers.It gets very mild in summer. Oranges and lemons tend to grow in the south.