Classroom Newsletter

Oct. 10-14

Trying Something New

Hello Parents,

I thought I would try something new this week and see what the parents think. Typically, our school newsletter uses this program. I thought I would try this to see if everyone preferred this or the paper newsletter. Please send me an email to let me know your thoughts of which you would prefer. Thank you, Mrs. Ruckman


This week's reading was cross-curricular we read, wrote, and used comprehension strategies on passages with Hurricane Matthew. This covers English, language, writing, and science standards. We also did our word study on synonyms, I know this is a concept that many of the students already know however we are looking to apply it to our writing. How can we change the wording of our research or readings to summarize it in our own words? That's right by knowing synonyms and using them, we are changing an author's words and they are still meaning the same so that we are not plagiarizing. "Putting things in our own words," is sometimes difficult concept that as a whole class we could use improvement. We will be reinforcing the idea that synonyms can help with this.

Science and Social Studies

We are finishing up a unit on Civil Rights, Civil War, the Constitution and how this country developed it's laws. Moving forward our next unit is the branches of government. We will be following some of the presidential debates so that we can have a mock vote based on an informed decision.

Science we continue to work on learning more about the Earth, the layers, constructive and destructive forces that help shape the Earth. Next week, the destructive force we are examining is Erosion.


Perimeter and area are the primary focus of this week's lesson. Learning what operation we need to use with what measurement. This next week we will be adding word problems to this so that we can relate perimeter and area to real life situations.