Film Editor

Job Details

Job Description

A person who removes unneeded shots and fits pieces of film together to make some sort of video. Nowadays many film editors do other aspects of filmmaking as well.

Working conditions

You are usually in an editing office/ studio or on set talking with the directors and cinematographers.

Training/Education Requirements

-BFA in film (or equivalent)

-Optional other credits

Personal Characteristics

A detail-oriented and patient person who has a creative vision for film. You need to be motivated to be able to get videos done by their deadlines.

Earnings and Job Outlook

Average Salary: $45,000

Your time is pretty flexible, you just have to manage it well and not procrastinate. Most of it is located in big cities with large film industries.

Education Spotlight

UT Austin


Columbia College Hollywood

Emerson College

New York Film Academy

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Standard Film Editor Setup

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