Hurricane Camille

August 17, 1969


A hurricane is the most destructive type of storm in the world. A hurricane is a storm that can have wind speeds over 200 miles per hour and extreme flooding. Hurricanes can cost billions of dollars and take hundreds of lives. Hurricanes don't usually last long in one place, but when they do hit, it is extremely devastating. This picture is a image of Camille damage.

Hurricane Camille

I chose Hurricane Camille as my historical hurricane. The reason I chose Camille is because of the damage it caused. Hurricanes Camille happened in 1969. It costed $1.421 billion dollars! Camille took 256 lives. The highest wind speed was never recorded because it ripped away the wind speed measurement tools form the buildings. It was estimated that the highest wind speed for Camille was about 200 mph!

Hurricane Power

Hurricanes form in warm tropical waters. Hurricanes feed off of warm air and water. Hurricanes form in low pressure systems.


Hurricanes are categorized by wind speed. There are five categories. A category one is 74-95 mph. A category two is 96-110 mph. A category three is 111-129 mph. A category four is 130-156 mph and a category five is 157 mph or higher. The image is a picture of the the categories.


All hurricanes have names. Until 1978, hurricanes were only named after women. There are six lists of names and each list has 20 names on it. Hurricane names are recycled every six years. So in 2018 we will use the same list as 2012. The picture is a picture of all the names that are re-used.


Hurricanes are extremely powerful. Always be prepared for a hurricane even if you don't think one could hit your home. Hurricanes are predictable but, they are uncontrollable. Make sure you have somewhere to go and a back-up plan if a hurricane does strike. I hope you learned something about hurricanes! Thanks for reading!