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Happy Valentine's Day!

Please remember that we will not be meeting for MDP this week because of Valentine's day. Enjoy some time with those you love!
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Pre-MDP Surveys

Sunday, February 14 is the last day to complete the online Pre-MDP Surveys. A great big thank you to those of you who have completed the surveys! A few girls brought home paper copies for those who prefer to complete the survey that way. They can just be turned in to me the next time we meet. The links are listed below, so please take a few minutes to complete them online if you have not yet done so.

Pre-MDP Survey for Girls

Pre-MDP Survey for Parents

Family Involvement

Last week, we talked about intentionally working on our family relationships, especially our relationship with our parents. We discussed how each person's family structure is different and makes up a part of their story. I asked the girls to be sensitive to each other's' situations as we go through the MDP process together. Here is how it was presented to the girls:

MDP will have a much greater impact if you have additional input from both a male and a female adult who know you well. These adults will not attend our group sessions, but they can help you to complete some activities at home to dig a little deeper into the various topics we will discuss. They will also be invited to participate and celebrate with you in our crowning ceremony.

You are strongly encouraged to develop this supportive relationship with both your mom and your dad during this journey. However, if for any reason one or both of your parents are not able to guide you through this process, you may ask another trusted adult to mentor and support you. If you are not sure what to do in regards to your adult support, I will happily assist you with selecting people who will be able to come alongside you during this important time.

It is especially important that each girl has someone to present her with a blessing at the ceremony, and there is significant evidence that points to the importance of a father's role in this process. Talk about this together and discuss who might be able to stand in for a parent who is not able to participate. It could be a relative or someone who knows your family well. I am here to help in any way that I can.

Crowning Ceremony

The Crowning Ceremony will take place on yet-to-be-determined date in April. With the size of our group, the ceremony itself will take about two hours. We will need to confirm plans next week, so be thinking about what you might like to do and watch for more information.

All About Miss Bev!

MDP Leader Bev DeRise is a mom, experienced teacher, and public speaker with a heart to see girls truly know their worth through the eyes of their creator. Since 2012, Bev has been leading groups of young ladies through the Becoming a Modern Day Princess curriculum written by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hannah . She loves the opportunity to engage with teen girls and their parents in this meaningful rite of passage experience.