Shattuck Middle

Neenah Joint School District


The teachers here at Shattuck Middle School are phenomenal - they give you lots of freedom and don't treat us like we are children. We have Chromebooks which the teachers trust us with very much, to the point where we can take them home.


You can find amazing friends here at Shattuck, anyone is open to friendship. Just have to be a nice person to them. Academic success is also very good here at Shattuck. Shattuck offers its students a very rigorous classroom expectation while keeping the classroom fun.


The principals here at Shattuck are also amazing. They keep the building very clean and easily run. They keep what we do fun and as an added bonus, they give us half days on FRIDAYS! The best day to have a half day.

Field Trips

The field trips that we go on are to Kettle Moraine, we went to a Career Fair to see the different companies that have jobs. Very interesting. Kettle Moraine is very interesting to just be able to walk around in the wild for a day.
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Extra Curriculars

For eight grade students, there is lots of extra curricular's to take. Ranging from cooking to mechanics stuff, to working with kids with Autism and other disabilities there is just so many to think of.

Shattuck Middle School

“The Rock”
“Strength, solidarity, and consistency in education”