I Want That Job!


What does a paramedic do?

Paramedics belong to a group of healthcare workers known as "first responders." They are the first to respond to medical emergencies, providing pre-hospital care for everyone.

Why does this job appeal to you? (cool fact)

No day is ever the same, meaning that when you wake up everyday you never know whos life your going to help. This job appeals to me because I love to help others, and I also take a big interest in the healthcare field.

What skills do need to posess for the job? What kind of personality do you have to have to be a sucessful paramedic?

Some skills you need to be sucessful is fast thinking, be able to interact well with police and nurses, and and be strong to lift up others. The personality you need to have is to be calm and collected in emergencies, have good communtication skills, and be in excellent physical and mental condition. If you have these traits and skills you will be a great paramedic.

How does this career benefit society?

This career saves lifes. Wether its a heart attack, car crash, or delivering a baby, paramedics are there to help.

What education requirments do you have to posess to become a paramedic?

You must have a Vocoational degree or an Associates dergree, you also need to have a high schoool diploma.

How much does a paramedic make? What is the projected job growth for paramedics?

On average a paramedic makes $30,710 a year. The expected job growth for paramedics is 21% or more, which is much faster than average.

What companies hire paramedics?

U.S. Navy, Medcor, and American Medical response.