BCSC: Start of School Data, 21-22

Sharing data from the first few days of school

Good afternoon BCSC families,

Overall, the 2021-2022 school year is off to an excellent start. Students and staff are settled into their daily learning routines. All of us have worked diligently to return to normal as much as possible. When the decision was made in June to return to school on Thursday, July 29, the landscape looked much different regarding COVID. Unfortunately, we are seeing positive COVID cases in our schools leading to a number of student quarantines.

At our August School Board meeting last night, I shared the following data summary with the School Board.

  • Elementary Week 1: 4 positive cases; 42 quarantines
  • Middle School Week 1: 6 positive cases; 137 quarantines
  • High School Week 1: 1 positive case; 9 quarantines
  • Week 1 Totals: 11 positive cases; 188 quarantines

The weekly charts that include positive cases and quarantines so far this year compared to the data from 2020-2021 are listed below.

The School Board’s June decision for masks to be optional remains in place; however, the School Board committed to revisit the data in the coming weeks and adjust the plan if necessary.

There are a few points worth emphasizing:

  • Many differ on the role/importance of masks.
  • We all want our students safe.
  • We all want our students in school especially when compared to being quarantined.
  • For some, this issue is an emotional one—for some, even divisive.

I hate that we are still talking about COVID and masks, yet our primary goal—even before we teach your children is to keep them safe while they are in our care. It is our highest responsibility. Please know our approach is not political; we don’t have an agenda—we are just doing our very best. We will continue to do our best to communicate promptly as new information becomes available to us. Thank you for your continued patience and support displayed to all our teachers and support staff.


Jim Snapp


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