Jose's Life

Me,Myself and I.

My bio.

My name is Jose Barrera obliviously, my birthday is on the 21st of February. I was born in Chicago Illinois , but raised in Dallas, TX.

About my family.

I live with my mother ,my Step dad, My brother, and 3 annoying sister. I also had 1 dog name coco , but she passed away .
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My favorites .

My favorite type of food , is Italian and Chinese. My favorite things to do when i'm not in school is skateboarding as well eating every 5 minutes.

Favorite song - Don't by Bryson Tiller.

Favorite Movie/s - American Sniper.

Favorite Actresses - Uzo Aduba (Crazy eyes)

Favorite Actor- Robert Downey Jr

Favorite places to eat - Olive Garden , Applebee's , and red lobster.

Last but not least my bffs - Evelyn , The kims , and Zoe.

inspired by

One of the person's who has inspired me thru my hard times , has been my mother. She always taught me to smile even if you're having a bad day.

Favorite Subject

My has favorite subject has to be English , because i can express my emotions into my writing.