START K-12 Intensive Training

Module 5: Peer to Peer Supports for Students with Autism

The START Peer to Peer module included information regarding the "why?", the process of setting up a peer program, how to connect general education students and students with autism and how to recruit, train, and maintain a quality peer to peer program.
Resources Given Out During START Peer to Peer Module

Includes Secondary P2P Playbook and Elementary P2P Playbook

START Peer to Peer Online Course!

START has created a Peer to Peer curriculum that includes a syllabus, week by week lesson plans, all assignments, PowerPoint presentations, case conference forms, grading rubrics and data collection tools!


Autism Speaks Tool kits- link to resources relating to awareness and acceptance tool kits created by Autism Speaks.

Amazing Things Happen- link to a GREAT ASD awareness video available in multiple different languages.
START Peer to Peer Resources- link to START's peer to peer page

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders-free professional resources for educators who work with individuals with Autism.

AFIRM Modules- FREE online professional learning for each of the 27 evidence-based practices for students with Autism.

Autism Speaks Puzzle Piece Project - lesson plans and activities for increasing understanding and acceptance of people with Autism

Upcoming Modules

Administrator's Module

Thursday, March 21


*Morning session with an optional Q & A afternoon session

Oakland Schools

Conference Room A

Module 6: IEP Development and Implementation for Students with ASD

Wednesday/Thursday, April 17th-18th


Module 7: Transition Planning for Students with ASD

Thursday, May 9th


2019-2020 Modules to include the following: Coaching Day, Systems Change Part 1, Systems Change Part 2, Aspergers (2 Day), Self Management (1 Day), Education Based Evaluations (1 Day)