Touchpoint Games

High-Quality Branded Sports Contests for your Customers

Touchpoint Games makes branded online sports contests that helps distributors and manufacturers reward and engage with their shared customers

Custom designs for excellent branding

How can Bill Wahl Supply benefit from hosting a golf contest?

• Invite your top customers to play and win prizes!
• Engage with customers before, during, and after contest
• Set up lunches with winners
• Fully automated – game runs itself
• Simple – no sports knowledge required
• Include promotional offers in game update emails
• Great way to spend co-op advertising dollars (better than t-shirts and barbecues)

How can a CertainTeed / Mastic benefit from sponsoring a contest for Bill Wahl Supply?

• Advertise to your distributors' top customers
• Set-up phone calls and lunches with winners
• Work hand in hand with your distributor
• Include promotional offers in game update emails
• Offer branded prizes