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I am here to Help!

My job is to help students, teachers, and the school community find resources they need. No I will not write your paper for you, but a 5 minute or more conversation can get you pointed in the right direction with the tools, resources, & support to help your project.

How to Ask

1. Stop by the Library!

The library is open before and afterschool and is most often available during the day with a hall pass. Checking out Books & Answering Research Questions can stop me in my tracks from whatever I am doing because honestly that is my favorite thing to do. Unfortunately there is sometimes a line of people asking me a question. If it is ever busy and I can't get to you, you can always email me.

2. Email the Librarian

Emailing the librarian is probably the most efficient way to ask a question. I can easily locate resources, send you links, & even schedule a time to meet in the library to review the resources located.

The Most Beautiful Research Question of 2015

The Emailed Research Question:

Here is a snip-it of a research question that made this librarians heart overjoyed. It's simple, to the point, and very mannerly. How could I not help this library patron in need?

The Email

Hello Ms. Claassen, my name is A.M.. I need help with finding sources with the right information for my IA in math studies. I am doing my project on the number of alcohol related accidents and the number of alcoholic beverages sold in the US. I am having trouble finding the number of beverages sold in all 50 states, is there a particular website that will be able to help me with this.

Thank You.


The Email

From her email I sent her 2 emails with links and graphs associated with her research. We then met in the library to go over the resources I sent her. With us meeting, I helped remind her of the citation tool Easy Bib and what sources she should site.

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