An Elopement

Shylock's daughter, Jessica eloped with a Christian .

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About nine p.m. Two men waited outside Shylock 's house for protagonist —— Lorenzo to show up. A few minutes later, Lorenzo ran towards them,and apologised for his lateness. He called to his girl —— Jessica. She appeared above, dressed as a boy in front of her love. Followed up, she tossed down a casket of money and jewels to Lorenzo. They exchanged a few sweet words and eyes-contact for a short while. Lorenzo told her to come down and held the lamp. She felt ashamed to dress as a boy. Lorenzo said she looked hot in her disguise, and told her to play her part well with a gentle voice. Jessica turned back to lock the house. Then left with Lorenzo and one of that two men. Another man who called Gratiano left behind. Suddenly, Antonio entered to find Gratiano, and said everyone had been waiting for him. After that ,he left with Antonio.