Government Presidential Project

By: Lexi Ihrig

James Monroe

Born April 28, 1758

Died July 4, 1831

Term in Office:


Presidents History:

- 8th United Sates Secretary of War 1814-1815

- 7th United States Secretary of State 1811-1817

-12th and 16th Governor of Virginia 1799-1802

- United States Minister to the United Kingdom 1803-1808

- United States Minister to France 1794-1796

- United States Senator from Virginia 1790-1794

- Delegate to the Congress of he Confederation from Virginia 1783-1786


Attended College of William and Mary where he became a lawyer, planter, and part of the college administration.

Political Affiliation

Democratic/Republican Party (Anti-Federalist)

Accomplishments, Major Events, and Legislative Actions

-Vetoed Cumberland Road Bill

- Sparked Constitutional Controversy when he sent General Andrew Jackson to pursue hostile Indians and punish the Spanish.

- Monroe Doctrine: a document that declared the United States free from European interference.

- Appointed 22 Supreme Court Justices.

Overall Presidency/ Post Presidency

- He was in debt after his Presidency from spending occurring before his Presidency

- He was not a legendary President but he was also not a disappointment, he was the average president.

If James Monroe was here today

I feel that James Monroe, in this years election, would vote for Donald Trump. I think this because he believed in our countries ability to stand alone and protect ourselves. He also supported both sides, the democratic and republican side but favored what would now be the Republican side. Lastly, he was willing to take risks for the country (Monroe Doctrine)

3 Famous Quotes from James Monroe

- "A little flattery will support a man through great fatigue."

- "Preparation for war is a constant stimulus to suspicion and ill will."

- "National honor is the national property of the highest value."


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