Digital and media literacy

By: Nic ,Darlain, Reese,Colton


Its about technology to understand and enhance modern communication to locate oneself in digital space, to merge knowledge and expire at the age of information.


As current undergraduates have never know a life with out the internet its only natural that universities should nurture their family with technology.


Ninety-six percent of working Americans use new communications technologies as a part of their daily life.


Nearly one-third of U.S. households (32 percent) lack broadband service.


Digital literacy includes learning the list of how to use technology tools


Digital tools never end


28 percent of Americans do not use the internet at all


the two most cited reasons for not having broadband internet access at home are that is particular as not need or to expensive


While there is no signal solution to closing the broadband adaption gap increasing digital literacy skills among non-users is to bringing their online and opening doors to opportunity


there are not able disorders between demon graphs grow people with low incomes disabilities seniors minorities the less educated, non family household and the non employed to lag behind other groups in the broadband

About the Authors

We all worked on are project for business class.Reese is a honey badger Nic is a alien Darlain is a girl and Colton is a soccer player. We made this project.