Shepard Staff Updates

October 26, 2018

To Do and Thank You

This week's meme made me smile - Thank you ALL for making phone calls home to parents about behavior and being so proactive with our communication!

To Do (New):

1. Send any photos to Kylee of upcoming events so she can keep our social media updated. Make sure to check that all the students in any photos have a photo release.

2. Just a "To know" more than a "to do": First Grade has Pumpkin Day next Wednesday, Oct. 31st. First grade will be in the cafeteria from 8:15-10:15 am. First grade will decorate small pumpkins and do fun math activities with measurement and estimation.

3. If you have time, sign up to take a meal to Sherre:

To Do (Rolled over from last week):

1. Please make sure to add any before or after school duties to your sub plans. If you need coverage for an early morning duty (7:00), make sure to arrange that with another staff member ahead of time. I am almost always here at 7:00 and I am happy to help anywhere!

2. Send me any thank you notes you want added to the Smore. :) I love having LOTS of things to add because we are pretty amazing here at Shepard!

Thank You:

1. Thank you to Coach Spangler and Coach Cox for helping Nurse Sue get all the 5th graders screened for vision and hearing.

2. Great job, Emma Cyrocki, sitting with your students during Pride Rally! You headed off multiple behavior issues just by your presence!

3. HUGE thank you to Coach Spangler for all her work with the Monster Dash - she came up with a contingency plan for the wet weather and everything went amazingly!

4. Awesome job getting our first pride rallies organized, Dana Sosobee!

5. Thank you to Kulsum Mzee for reaching out and helping us arrange the performance from the Vines Orchestra!

6. Great job, Ashley helped Emma with Flipgrid!

7. Thank you to Teresa and Chris for introducing the Science Fair info on announcements!

8. Super helpful - Angie Slate - pulling library books for 3rd grade teachers!

9. Shout out to the girl scouts for planting our gorgeous flowers out front!

10. Thank you Lisa, Madison, and Dolores for covering Kylee’s class when she had to leave early!

11. Thank you, Tamara Whitmire, for already sending something to Kylee to put on Shepard’s FB page!

12. Thank you to all of the staff who have volunteered to bring Sherre dinner!

Upcoming Dates

Week of October 29:

October 30: Kindergarten Parent Pumpkin Picnic in cafeteria (10:00-11:30)

October 31: Kristin and Kate off campus at Principal Meeting in AM; Spooky Spuds Luncheon; Pumpkin Day in First Grade

November 1: Diaper and Wipes Shower for Kate

Week of November 5:

November 5: Erin out all day

November 6: Kate out at Student Management Meeting; Kristin out half day morning; Erin out all day; Baby Shower for Spring; Kate's last day at work

November 7: GT Update postponed, meeting changed to a non-academic Vertical Team Meeting (SEL, technology and STREAM)

November 8: PTA Meeting and 3rd Grade Music Program (6:00)

November 9: PTA Movie Night (6:30)

Big picture