iOS Apps

Awesome Apps to Use in the Classroom

Fluency Finder

What is it? Fluency Finder is an app that allows teachers to assess students reading comprehension and words-per-minute while recording and saving the data.

How can it be used? Fluency Finder can be used in the classroom for teachers to gauge students reading levels. Customizable passages can be loaded on an iOS device and the app does the rest!


What is it? GoClass is an online learning platform, paired with an app, that can function as a learning management system.

How can it be used? Go Class can be used to develop lesson plans, project images, videos and questions, broadcast media, assessments, annotate notes and create class activities. All of these things can be accessed by all students in the classroom on their iPads, through the GoClass app.

Grading Game

What is it? Grading Game is a fun iOS app that helps students find grammatical and spelling errors in order to "pay off their student debt".

How can it be used? Grading Game can be used to give students a little break when they have finished their work early. Students can play this fun game while improving their reading, writing and revising skills.


What is it? A tool for teachers that allows them to track attendance, student assignments, schedule, plan lessons and send out assignments, among other things.

How can it be used? This app can be used to help simplify the administrative work of a teacher and allow them to send out assignments to all students enrolled in their class.

Learn Spanish for Kids

What is it? An interactive app that helps younger students learn and solidify introductory Spanish.

How can it be used? Learn Spanish for Kids can be used to supplement Spanish class and help students identify animals, numbers and colors in a fun interactive environment.