La Paz, Bolivia

Skyler Mckinnon

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Significance of the Bolivian Flag

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The colors in the flag represent the Bolivian coat of arms in the center. The red stands for Bolivia's brave soldiers, green stands for

Estimated Population

The estimated population of Bolivia for 2014 is about 11,075,578

Government Type and Leader

The type of government that Bolivia has is Republic and the leader is Evo Morales

Currency of Bolivia

Bolivian Boliviano/BOB

BOB/USD= 6.9


Holidays Celebrated in Bolivia

Some holidays that are celebrated in Bolivia are Día de los Reyes Magos, Día Internacional de la Mujer, Día del Mar, Día del Idioma Español, Día del Niño, Día del Maestro.

Food in Bolivia

Some foods served in Bolivia are empanandas, which are pastry shells stuffed with meat, olives, and vegetables. Another type of food served in Bolivia is llama steak, which tastes just like pork.

Tourist Attractions

Some tourist attractions in Bolivia are Santa Cruz, Lake Titicaca, and White City of Sucre.