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1. The recommended classes or required high school classes are as listed
  • must have 14 high school credits
  • 4 in English
  • 3 in math
  • 2 in Lab Science
  • 2 in Social Study
  • 2 in a Foreign Language

2. Must have a diploma from a accredited high school

3.The application fee is $25

Contact us

Contact the admissions office with Email at
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How much will you have to pay?

1. The annual cost for 1 year of tuition based on a 15 credit hours is roughly $6,240
( That's cheap against others )

2. The annual cost for 1 year of fees is about $2,626
( Jesus, that's cheap )

3. The books are only near $400-1600, it truly depends on the classes you take
( Come on now )

It may look like a lot of cash, but Lamar gives a great quality education at a great price

BUT WAIT! You can get some free money to help you achive your dream!

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Scholarships = FREE MONEY

The Lamar Excellence Scholarship is a $16,000 four year award ($4,000 per year for 4 years) to incoming Freshman students with a strong acedemic and highschool background.

Lamar offers many scholarships to help thier students that want to work hard and make it in the "Real World"

The Lamar Excellence Scholarship is one of the easier ones to get.

1. To get a application: You either go though or Lamar's website.

2. What type is is? The Excellence scholarship is a academic and leadership scholarship.

3. The eligiblity requirments
  • Strong acedemic background
  • SAT score of 1130 ( Math and Critical Reading ) or
ACT score of 25 ( Math and Critical Reading )
  • Leadership Skills

4. What do you have to submit?
  • Biographical Information and Background
  • Education Information and Background
  • Test Information
  • Residency Information
  • Extracurricular, Personal, & Volunteer Activities
  • Employment, Internships, & summer Activities
  • Essays
  • Certification of Information and Application Fee

Come visit the campus!

You can schedule a tour of our campus on our website. Come see our great campus and student life.
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TO BAD! Look at our great campus.

I know how much you love this school, I present... CARDINAL VILLAGE!

Lamar offers a offers a on-campus housing facility

Cardinal Villege is a great student housing facility.

Its cost is roughly around $2,626 per year.

For contact info and more information of Cardinal Village, Go to the Lamar website

One final piece of advice

Apply for Student and Financial aid, government and Lamar assistance will help you enroll and achieve your dreams
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