Road trip

By michelle warren

San Antonio: cultural site

Today I went to the second largest city in Texas. San Antonio. While I was there, I visited there Cultural site which was Sea World. Sea World was amazing! I saw dolphins, and went tubing, and swam with the fishes. I saw amazing animals like one of the biggest Killer whales, otters, penguins, more than 60,000 different types of fish, sea lions, sharks, and lots more. I went to amazing exhibits also. Like the flamingo cave, Alligator Allie, Sharks/ Reef Coral, and Dolphin cove. But my favorite part over all about Sea World was the Pets Ahoy show and the Jack is Back show. They also had an amazing restaurant called Rio Grille. After eating, went to just one of the many different camps that they have in Sea World. In this camp, I got to do a hands-on experience. It was Great!

San Antonio: Hostorical site

Next i went to the San Antonio Museum of Art. Once i walked in, i saw millions ans thousands of different and unique types of art. Including exhibits collections and Latin American and Asian art. From Diego Rivera and Pablo Picasso to manuscripts and sculpture gardens. Some art pieces are made from as early as the 17'00s. But there's lots more. Like American art, Asian art, Contemporary art, European art, Islamic art, Latin America art and of course oceanic art. San Antonio Art Museum has over hundreds of events each year and about 50 events each month. Each one is amazing and different every time and super cool.

San Antonio: natural site

Today was an other new day and I went to another amazing place in San Antonio. I went to a natural site today called Medina River Natural Area. Its 511 acres and in those 511 acres it has amazing plants and animals that are endangered or that you cant find in other areas. I wasn't able to complete the whole trail, but there's ten whole miles of hiking, and biking. And all the way to the end there's a huge landscape of riversides and amazing pecans and bald cypress trees. While I was there, I fished and joined the bird watching club. We spotted a new bird every time we looked. I also took a swim in the river and had a picnic. And my favorite part about the park was watching the beautiful sun set that sets every day at 7:30.

El Paso: historical site

Wow. The Mountains ans Basins is a lot more different than the North Central Plains. Today i got to have the chance to go to El Paso, so i did. The first thing i did once i got there was go to the Plaza Theater. It was a beautiful theater and had great plays. In fact, the best plays i have ever seen! It had a very cozy atmosphere and i enjoyed all the good and friendly people around me. Plus, there's plays for everybody there! classics, romantic, comedy, action, excitement, and of course adventure! It was definitely worth watching the show and i will never forget it.

El Paso: Natrual Site

El Paso has amazing places to see. Especially the place I went to today. The Franklin Mountains are the largest mountain ranges in Texas. Franklin Peak is rising to an elevation of 7,192 feet. Which is about 3,000 feet higher than the city below. Two hiking paths are currently accessible with amazing views and amazing new things to explore and see. There are more than 1050 miles of trails to walk and see. Rock climbing is one the newest activities to try at the Franklin mountains. Tent sites are also available at the mountains. The tours take you to amazing places and they teach you things you have never known. There are also scout groups, school groups, and many different clubs for you to attend. Each club that you attend shows you different skills and information about plants, animals, rocks, birds, reptiles, and mammals, and much more. You might spot foxes, deers, and perhaps an occasional cougar or mountain lion here and there.

El Paso: cultural site

When i got to my next stop, one of El Paso's cultural sites, I asked my tour guide about one of the most important times of El Paso's history or just an interesting time. So she decided to tell me about the Burges house. The Burges house in the sunset hieghts in El Paso was built for Richard Fenner Burges. The two story house was built in 1927 and has been standing ever since. Mr. Burges was married to Ethel Patrie Shelton (Mrs. Burges) and they had one child together. While the house was under construction, Ethel past away from a cold when there daughter (Jane Rust,) was only 12 years old. Mr. Burges got re-married to Preston Rose Perrenot in 1923. They got married at the house and 4 years later, the house was finished and they moved in. And later on, Burges sister moved in with her husband and two daughters. The Burges had three children after that. Anne Burges, Mary Austin Burges, and Richard Burges. The home stayed the Burges and the Perrenots home in till Janes Perrenots death in 1986 when she willed the home to the EPCHS.

Amarillo: Natrual site

Amarillo is the fourteenth most popular city of the state of Texas. It is also the largest city in the Texas Panhandle. Today i went to an amazing canyon park in Amarillo. It was called the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. The second largest canyon in the country lies in the heart of the Texas panhandle. The canyon had a colorful history that i learned so much about. Now i am willing to share it with you.
The canyon had an amazing, cozy cabin that i stayed in. It also had camping sites and drive-up sites. While i was there, I saw a couple getting married at there new Pavillion:)
You can explore the canyon by foot, or mountain bike. You can even go through the trails with a horse or a car! They have more than 40 miles to explore. Every night when the sun sets, the sun reflects its orange glow to the canyon. It's a view you will never want to miss. I also learned there was a war at the canyon. It was called the Red Rive War. It was between the US and the Southern Plains Indians. It lasted from June 1874 to spring 1875.

Amarillo: Historical site

The Texas Air and Space Museum was huge! I saw many things that i have never seen before. And the tour guide told me a lot about the museums history. He started off
by telling me that the museum was built in 1989, Amarillo Texas. The creators of the museum built an air and space museum at private Tradewind Airport at southeast Amarillo. The creators took a vote and decided to call it Amarillo Air Terminal. In 1997, the airport moved from Tradewind Airport to The Amarillo International Airport. On February 2010, the museum changed its name from Amarillo Air Terminal, to The Texas Air and Space Museum. They also changed the museum its self a little bit. They added a indoor and outdoor space inhibit. And they re-opened doors on February 15, 2011.

Amarillo: Cultural site

The citizens of Amarillo eat the foods that we eat here in Coppell. Pasta, rolls, chicken, mash potatoes, tomatoes, rice, corn, sushi, ect. But although Amarillo residents eat the same foods as us, they do have different restaurants. Like one called the Saigon Restaurant located located on Interstate 40, Amarillo Texas. Here they serve Chinese food. Like orange chicken, brown rice, fried rice, and more. I didn't go to Saigon, but i did go to a sushi place in downtown Amarillo, Bangko Tokyo. Honestly, it was a lot more better than any other sushi i had in Coppell. But it also was very clean and neat. I also got to try there Japanese cuisines and they where, of course, great. The last restaurant that i went to was called El Tejavan . Here, they served grade A Mexican food. My favorite dish tho was the chicken fajita. That's all of the restaurants i got to go to. And i'm sure there's a lot more restaurants in Amarillo you can go to try yourself. I'm also sure of one thing,
Amarillo serves amazing food.

Marfa: Natrual Site

Chinati Hot Springs is an amazing site that is one of those things that you have to check off your bucket list. Its views and sites are the most beautiful things you will see if you go.
The resort is 640 acres, sitting on the side of the ravine in the Chihuahuan mountains.

Lesser peaks form 7 miles of paved road that leads to the resort. The white nature trails are amazing views in the morning. But in the night, it turns into pitch black sky fall.
Once you get in the resort, indoor pools are everywhere you look. Breakfast, room service, mini fridges, and much more things like this are located in every room of the resort. In conclusion,
Chinati Hot Springs,is an amazing place to see on both inside and out.

Marfa: Historical site

Humphris- Humphrey's house: This was the home of a rancher, merchant and community leader. It was built in 1883 by a local builder, Saturnino Naborette. He built it in a way that the house represented traditional building methods. He was inspired to build it like the style of the early pioneer days in West Texas. Later the house was sold to Huphrey and his wife. They lived in the house for many years. In till Humphrey's wife past away. Later then Humphrey past away him self. The house was turned in to a museum in 1996.

Marfa: culture site

The Marfa Dessert its self as you look at it is amazing in almost every single way. But when you look deeper and explore about this spectacular site, you can go beyond.
At first i thought to my self, how does the Marfa Dessert count as a culture site? But as i looked at the dessert and as i found out more about it, you can see that the site its self was ment to be in Marfa. The dessert is apart of Marfa and you will learn why it is yourself.

Ft worth: Historical site

John F Kennedy was born on May 19th 1917. But unfortunately, this amazing and unforgettable person passed away on November 22nd, 1963. Since JFK passed away in Forth Worth, there is now a tribute there. The JFK center has a huge heroic bronze statue of JFK. Created by Lawrence Ludtke. Surrounding the statue, is big rock walls. Containing information, facts, and quotes about JFK. He was buried 3 days after his assassination. His wife, Jackquline Kennedy, was buried next to John when she passed away. John's brother later was assassinated and buried there, too. Many people called this the Kennedy curs. The JFK tribute is still up today, so make sure you go check it out.
You wont regret it.

"Do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men.'' -John F Kennedy
John F. Kennedy Bio: Life and Presidential Career

Fort Worth: Cultural site

There are more than 230 days of sunshine in FT Worth Texas. With that being said, people love to stay active and get outside and play sports. It's just part of their culture!
Of course, football, NASCARS, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, lacross, and the typical sports are what many play. Fort Worth may be one of the only cities in the world where you can find a competitive all year round rodeo race. Also, if you enjoy walks and hikes, you will love Fort Worths Frinity Falls. It has many trails, paths, and more for you to enjoy a nice jog or run.Last but not least, Fort Worth is home to many of the best sports teams. Like Texas Motor Speedway, TCU football, and the Texas Rangers.

FT Worth: Natrual site

The Fort Worth Zoo is voted to be one of the most spectacular zoo's in all of Texas. Especially because it has so many types of animals, birds, reptiles, mammles and more all at one place. The FT Worth zoo includes these animals:
Snapping turtle, lion, flamingo, giraffe, monkey, ape, gorilla, more than 30 different types of snakes, hippos, iguanas, kangaroos, otters, 20 different types of owls, many different types of penguins, frogs, alligators, horned lizard, komodo dragon, poison dart frog, and over 1,000 different types of amazing different birds. The FT zoo is clean, and has snack machines everywhere you go. The zoo if ready for you!

Graham: Hostorical site

The Alexander Graham Bell historical site in Graham TX was an unforgettable moment. The unique exhibit include photos, replicas, models, artifacts, and films describing Alexander.
The site also includes basic facts about Alexander. These are just some that i learned about Alexander while i was there:

  • born in Edinburgh, Scotland, 3 March 1847.
  • He is a son of Alexander Melville Bell
  • He was educated at the Edinburgh high school and Edinburgh University

The Alexander Graham Bell site is a one of a kind site of a one of a kind person. Make sure you check out the site, im glad i did!

Graham: Natrual site

Graham Cave State Park. By far the best location i have visited so far BY FAR!!
Not only is there something for everyone to enjoy, the paths and the views are breath taking. Some activities you can choose from are:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • fishing
  • Picnicking
  • Boating
PICNICKING: There are many areas scattered around the park for your family and friends to sit down and have a nice lunch. Nearby every picnic site, there is a park for the kids to play at.
CAMPING: staying over night allows you to have access to the trails and the cabins. Cabin include electricity, modern restrooms, and showers. (Bring your own water)
FERN RIDGE TRAIL: This trail passes an over look of the wet weather water fall and heads on to the entrance of Graham Cave. The trail passes through Graham Cave Glades Natural Area. Animals that live on the glades include the lichen grasshopper, slender glass lizard and the prairie lizard.
BOATING: The Loutre River is easy accessed by boating. Go ahead, go fishing. The river has 50 different types of fish.
But fishing is only allowed from 7 a.m. to sunset.
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graham: Cultural site

in Graham it rains a lot. Graham does not have the best weather. Check out these videos to see for yourself:
Flooding in Graham, Texas April, 18, 2010

graham: culture

the city of graham celebrates national dance week like no other countries:
National Dance Week In Graham Texas

Fredrerickburg: Natrual site

picnicking, fishing, swimming, nature and wildlife viewing is all part of the amazing experiences of the park.
Old tunnel, enchanted rock state natrual area, honey creek state natrual area, blanco state park, pedernales falls state park, and guadalupe river state park.
Shops restaurants and sevral bakeries are all around the park. Make sure to try the food its amazing!

fredrickburg: historical site

The Rising Sun Tavern was a unforgettable memory. It was built by George Washington's younger brother, Charles, around the 1760. This building became a tavern in 1907. A complete restoration took place in the 1930's. Much of the woodwork is still original till this day. The builing was operated as a museum by the Mary Washington Branch of Preservation Virginia. Till this day the tavern is sill up. You can go visit the museum and see all the original art work.

fredrickburg: culture site

Fredericksburg continues the tradition of the "verein" or community club. Various groups of like-minded citizens gather to listen to music, share poetry, stay fit, even to compete in traditional shooting sports. This is also a great way to meet up with new people and get to know them better. Main Street is home to the famous Nimitz Museum of the Pacific War. A stroll around main street can make you feel like you walked in another world. A feeling that you can only feel in Fredrickburg. An ever-growing number of artists find Fredericksburg the perfect inspiration to make art. And that is why some of the most successful artists grow up there or visit there.

Galveston: Historical

The tree sculptures are a one in a life time chance to go see. There are many sculptures to check out and you will defenitly choose your favorite one once you see them. Every sculpture is different and unique in there own way and made by a diffrent artist. All coming together to create what we know as The tree sculptures. These are some of the statues that you will see if you go visit:
  • Alligator
  • duck
  • swan
  • Angel Cradling Bunny
  • Angel with Lambs
  • Birds of Galveston
  • Crane, Pelican Diving Into a School of Fish
  • Dalmatian
  • Dolphin
  • Dolphin, Eel, and Dorado
  • Fireplug
  • 3 Pelicans & Fish
  • Galveston Shore Life
  • Great Dane
  • guitar
  • the lion king
  • tin man from wizards of oz
  • toad
  • venus in half shell
  • wild life tree
  • yellow lab